Friday, November 4, 2011

Donating Blood

I'm sponsoring a blood drive at our school tomorrow.

I'm a little disenchanted though.... because out of the staff, staff spouses, and parents of 630 kids....I've only got 22 people signed up to give. How terrible is that?! AND...6 of those people are my husband and I, and four of our friends that are not even remotely associated with our school.

I did the math and if you figure there are about 1000 adults associated with our school.... and if Five percent of the US population gives blood (Five percent, how pitiful is that), then we should have had at least 50 people willing to jump in and give. I've got 22. And I had to beg for those.

It really makes me sad. What is up with people? Especially those that a) have given before and did fine but just 'don't feel like it.' and b) those that have never TRIED to give blood. How do you know you're gonna pass out if you don't TRY?!? I personally have TRIED (and failed) twice already, but damn it, I'm gonna try again.

According to the Red Cross, one in ten people entering the hospital needs blood. 38% of our population is eligible to give blood, but only 5% do. On average, someone in the US needs a transfusion about every 2 seconds. Kansas' blood bank is very low.

If your child ends up in the hospital needing can't just stick your arm out and say 'here give him some of mine' if there's a shortage. It takes three days for blood to be screened and processed, etc. So if your child needed blood today to save their life, it would have to come from someone who was willing to give a few days ago.

What if it was you? Your kid? Your grandkid? Your spouse? What if it was someone you loved, sitting in the hospital, needing blood and having to wait for it to come in from Omaha because the supply here is too low? I'll tell you what- you'll have wished you were a donor. You'll have wished you had done everything you could to make sure the blood bank was full.

You'll have wished that someone would have signed up to give blood at our school blood drive. Don't wait until it's too late. Give blood NOW. If you try and whanny out because you have needle issues, at least you TRIED. That's all anyone can ask.

If you're local, go HERE and put in Seltzer and fill one of our open slots for our blood drive. Tell your local friends. I need peeps.


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