Friday, November 25, 2011

useful craft for big-dinner kind of day

I'm pretty crafty, but don't always think to post things I've done.

(for the record, right this second, there is a puppy and two girls running crazies around this house. It is mass chaos, and here I sit, ignore, and blog)!

Anyways, I don't know about you, but I think the kids not having school the day before Thanksgiving is a little bit of torture to parents who are trying to get things ready for the big day. I planned my arsenal of survival tactics the night before. This including giving the girls some cleaning jobs, letting them each make something in the kitchen for the meal, and a craft.

But seriously, I didn't really need one more turkey or pumpkin craft thing sitting around on my counters. I decided a functional craft would be nice.

So we made coasters for the Thanksgiving table! This can be easily done for any big meal if you need something for the kids to do while you do some kitchen prep.

The idea started with the fact that I have a bunch of this self-adhesive foam core board in my laundry room. Go buy a sheet of it, or even the non-adhesive stuff, and stick it behind your dresser or somewhere that it will be handy whenever you get desperate for a project.

Cut the board into 3" squares. I did NOT cut it before I did the rest of the project, and I had some issues with gummy scissors, etc. So take my word for it, cut it from the beginning.

Google for a coloring picture of the item you wish to use. Here is the turkey I found. This would make a lovely Christmas coaster.

I right clicked on the image to save it to my computer. Then I opened up my PrintMaster program (I'm sure you could use Word) and pasted several copies of the image onto one page, sizing it to fit the coaster. Then I added a name to each turkey.

Print the images and have your little artists start coloring. Cut the images into 3" squares to match the blocks. Peel the paper off the foam core board and attach your pictures.

You know, you could even get fancy and do actual PICTURES of your guests to put on these. that'd be kind of funny.

I'm not one of those people that has a little personal laminating machine. Nor am I even a person who keeps clear contact paper on hand. I am, however, a person that almost always has clear packing tape around here. Let me tell ya, it works great for a little laminating project.

Two pieces laid carefully side by side perfectly covered the little coasters.

Here is the finished product. A personalized coaster for each person eating Thanksgiving dinner in our house. About 25 minutes of time that the girls were entertained. A functional project. Not one of the turkeys bled from the glasses because the packing tape protected it.

Not meant to last forever, but hey, it was a good little project nonetheless!

A little late for your Thanksgiving feast.... but I bet you all will have a few days before Christmas where you are looking to entertain your munchkins!

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