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vaca recap 3.5 - just some pics

Happy Father's Day!! Do I have any dads out there reading this blog, other than my husband?! Today I just wanted to post some general pictures...ones that don't go specifically with one day of the cruise or another. This will give some of you Disney-cruise virgins a chance to see some of the other details!

On the Dream, Disney had animated artwork all around the ship. Some of these played in with the midship detective agency (which i have not told you about yet), and some of them didn't. Basically, they were motion sensored, and when you waved your hand in front of the frame, the picture would come to life. This included both animation and sound. There were some really cool ones!! I think our favorite was of two pirate ship pictures next to each other, and when you activated them, one would shoot a cannon that would sail over and hit the ship on the other picture. Very cool!

Disney has the details down. I think most people know that, but sometimes you have to pause and really take a moment to soak it in. Take this, for instance. This could have just been a plain wall on the backside of the bathrooms. Instead, they made it look like cute storage. Notice that some things stored here are Peter's Pans, and Belle's Books!

There are two theatres on the ships. The Walt Disney theatre, where the big stage shows are held, and the Buena Vista theatre, where they show current movies, hold some of the bigger bingo sessions, etc. Throughout the day there may be other activities there, but this is the main activity for these. Below is the WD Theatre, it has a large balcony area and is of course, beautiful. We sat in the balcony for the first show we went to, and then sat about 5 rows from the front, stage right, for the other ones. Disney also has the privelege of premiering Disney movies at sea. For example, the day that the new Pirates movie premiered in US theaters, it premiered on the ship as well. They had it playing in 3d version (and a few 2d showings) several times on our cruise.

The food on the cruise is fabulous. It's so nice to not cook for a week. Disney does rotational dining...which means this. The first night, you go to whichever of the three themed dining rooms you are assigned. Our first night, as you know, we went to Animator's Palate. We were table #28. We met our waiters, Romy and Emanuel. For each of the subsequent nights, as we went to our next restaurant assignment, we always went to table #28, and Romy and Emmanuel were always with us. It makes for great personalized service. The second night, they knew already what we'd likely want to drink. When Hannah went on her first cruise at 18 months, I asked for some sliced cheese for her the first night. They had a slice of cheese waiting at her spot every night after that, so we wouldn't have to ask. The desserts are out of this world, and one thing I loved on this sailing was that there was also the offering of a mini-version of three of the featured desserts, such as this one:

In case you aren't aware how food goes on the cruise, in the dining rooms, you are given a menu. Usually there are 4-5 choices for each of the following courses: Appetizer, Salad, Entree, and Dessert. If none of the appetizers look good, you could order two of the salads instead. If two of the entrees look good, you could order both if you want. Also, some people think that they do not want to go to the 'formal' dining rooms, though on Disney, they're not all that formal. There's always 'fast food' type offerings up on the pool deck and usually a casual buffet in the buffet restaurant available as well. Then of course, there is room service too!

I told you about participating in the "FE Exchange" this time...basically a little gift exchange with a bunch of other people. For the first time, I decorated our door a little bit too. Here is what it looked like:

Cruise cabins are not spacious. Not at all. They are not going to be as roomy as a standard stateroom. We were on deck 9 in a verandah-category cabin. We had the split-bathroom plan, which means there was one bathroom (seen here) with the sink/shower, and another bathroom with the sink/toilet.

The main bed is, I believe, queen size, or the size of two twins put together. I'm not really sure. It was super comfy. We were in a four person stateroom. The couch seen in this picture basically gets turned inside out to turn into a twin (or little smaller) bed. That was Hannah's bed, with a bedrail in it. Above the couch, there was a bunk bed hidden in the ceiling. Everynight when we had come down from dinner, the stateroom hostess had pulled the bed down, gotten the ladder out, and pulled the blue/white curtain to section the room off for us.

We also always found our towel-art animals in our room when we came back after dinner!

This ship was the first of the Disney ships to have the "Aquaduck"--being advertised as the first water-coaster at sea. It was so fun! It is for single or double riders, and it really gets to going. Part of it (seen here) even juts out over the side of the ship, about 10 stories above the ocean. I went on it at night so I didn't see the world at that angle :)

It goes all the way around the main pool deck, from one funnel of the ship to the other!

(thanks papa for some of the pictures I'm using on this post!).

So there are a few more of the details for you! The next full-day recap will come soon. Have a great day!

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