Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A List of Thoughts and a Winner too

1. Good morning

2. Kansas yesterday had torrential rain, lightning, and earthquakes. Jesus is coming soon, I tell you! Ironically our minister is in the middle of a sermon series about Revelation and the end times....and this craziness with earthquakes sure has us sitting up and taking notice! Get in the game people, get in the game!

3. I have decided that the nails-on-a-chalkboard frustration of a three-year-old's fits is not so much the fit itself, but the fact that it is usually about absolutely NOTHING whatsoever. The child can be fine one minute, and crying like their toes are being chewed off the next and you have no idea why. This was my alarm clock this morning.

4. Thank God, in light of #3, that I bought two cases of diet dr pepper yesterday. Yeah for sales!

5. We are a little late in starting our Christmas decorating. We usually put up about 8 trees, and so far all we've done is unload the Christmas closet. TODAY I shall get the ornaments-a-rolling.

6. The weiner of the gorgeous Poema Creations necklace is JENNIFER GRAGG!!!!! This girl up and moved to Texas on me so she's gonna have to send me her mailing address and wait patiently for me to mail the darn thing....lol...

7. Did you decide to participate in the Happy Day project? Even if you can't do it everyday, I encourage you to try to do as many as you can. I made no-bake cookies yesterday, and finally got them delivered last night to my neighbors. I'm sure they thought I was on crack because it was pouring rain, I had on shorts and flip flops, my husband's big work coat, my glasses, and wet hair because I'd just gotten out of the shower. But I was determined to complete the assignment on time! Today is hand-written note day.... if you don't have someone to send a note to, feel free to send one to me :) lol...

8. Have a great day!

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Megan said...

haha I laughed that your first list of thoughts was simply good morning :)