Tuesday, November 29, 2011

$3 Cupcake Stand, and guest blog sneak peek!

I must say, I am still NOT totally sucked into Pinterest yet...but I have found some great stuff on the few occasions I've had time to pop over there and stalk my friends pinboards... And this is one of them.

It's cheap. It's easy. It's cute. It holds cupcakes. Perfect to try for my Open House I had last night. Here's the $3 Cupcake Stand.

You need:
Two candlesticks from the Dollar Tree, $1/ea.

A 2-pack of the ugly burner covers from the Dollar Tree, $1.

Spray adhesive, which you can get at Michael's. I didn't count this in the total price because theoretically, any crafter should have this stuff. It is handy dandy. If you use your 40% off coupon I think this can costs about $4.
I was out of spray adhesive so I thought I'd use this decoupage gel that I had on hand instead. For the record, it DOES NOT WORK for this project AT ALL. I ended up going to get a new can of spray adhesive after all.
Pretty scrapbook paper of your choice.... which you may have already stashed in your house, or you can pick up two sheets for about 50cents on a sale day. (Okay, so if you don't have scrapbook paper, and have to buy it, that would make this a $4 cupcake stand maybe).
Trace your little burner on the piece of paper you want on the top tier. Cut it out. Repeat with Bigger burner cover and the paper you want on the bottom tier.
Go outside with your burner covers, paper circles and spray glue. Best when it is not windy and the dog is not out there to try to eat the spray glue.
Spray the top of the burner cover with adhesive, position paper circle, rub it on good. Be mindful of the "made in China" markings on the burner cover... if your paper has a pattern where direction is important, just make sure your "made in Chinas" are on the 'back' of both tiers.
Use Gorilla Glue or E6000 glue or super glue, whatever monster glue you have on hand to glue a candlestick to the bottom of each burner cover. Leave upside down for several hours while glue sets.
Glue little tier/candlestick to the top tier with same monster glue. These cupcake stands are not excessively big or sturdy, so stick something on the top in the middle to hold in place while the glue sets. I used a mug and told the kids to stop running around the island. :)
And joila'! Here is the finished product! So cute !
Here it is doing the job it was made for- holding cupcakes!
And here it is in the midst of my spread for my sweet shoppe open house last night. It worked perfectly!!
Now..... a little sneak peek on my upcoming guest blogger. I am so excited!! I am a Harlequin romance/Harlequin Intrigue junkie and my favorite author is Julie Miller. She has written over 35 books and I love them all! You can find her booklist here. My favorite series is the Taylor clan series....she writes them so well, it makes you fall a little in love with the leading man each time, and makes me wish I was from a great big family. I LOVE her books. Anyways... JULIE IS GUEST BLOGGING HERE on THURSDAY!!!! How cool is that? I mean... I think someone who has published that many books is pretty much a celebrity... and she's way more exciting and talented to me than...like... Justin Bieber. And she's coming to my little blog. I've been so blessed with awesome guest bloggers on my "Christmas Traditions" quest, and I can't wait for Julie's post! I hope all my readers give her a warm welcome! :)

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Megan said...

I enjoyed your open house a lot! And that cupcake stand turned out really well :)

ps - giving away a healing lotion prize pack on my blog - you should come enter!