Friday, November 11, 2011

How do you "do life"?

Last weekend, the sermon at church was about "Getting off the sidelines and into the game." Our pastor has been doing a series about Revelation and end times.... amazing (God-sent?!) timing considering we had EARTHQUAKES in KANSAS last weekend.

He talked about whether you want to spend these {last} days on the sidelines of life, or do you want to GET IN THE GAME?!

Think of all the athletes in this country that we spend billions to watch each year. Do you think they sit on the sidelines and think "yeah, this works for me. I'll just sit and watch the game from the sidelines." NO! They want IN THE GAME!

My take on the concept of getting in the game of life.... God did not bless us with the people around us, the world we live in, the life on this we'd watch from the sidelines. Or the couch. Or thru the boob tube. God gave us this life to LIVE it. He gave us friends to enjoy time with them. He gave us the ability to BE the church so we'd go BE the church, not so we would warm the pews. He gave us enthusiasm, life, and vitality, to go and spread it to others. To share ourselves with our family. Our friends. The world. He has given us His love so that we will show His love to others... whether thru a random act of kindness, volunteering at the school, helping at church, giggling with your kids.

Giving of yourself is one of the most important things you can do.

Life is not about the time you spend running the vaccuum, doing dishes, watching TV. Yes those all have a time, a place, a purpose of some sort. We don't want to live in an episode of "Hoarders" or "Intervention." But life is about GETTING IN THE GAME, and sharing your heart, your soul, your time... with the world. With your little world in your walls, your neighborhood, your church, your town....the world.

So, are ya gonna get off your butt and start sharing life with people, or are you going to watch it with a bowl of popcorn in front of your big screen day in and day out?

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