Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vaca recap #3....You still with me?

Time to dive into Tuesday, May 31st! Our day at Nassau, Bahamas!

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If you haven't noticed, I'm taking this recap a day at a time. It is easier on my brain. And this post has a gazillion pictures. So pop some popcorn, and sit back for entertainment, Disney cruise style.

This day our port was Nassau, Bahamas. It was our 3rd time going there, so we planned to spend the day on the ship. Although it may not appear as such in this picture, we really think that Nassau is the armpit of the Bahamas. Yuck. We were not the only ones who spent the day on the ship either, let me tell ya! Here we are pulling in:

Here the boys are watching us pull in. I swear, we could just put a bed out on the balcony and they'd stay out there :)

You can tell by Brooke's attire that the plan was to hit the pools! She also had her autograph book ready to go, because we had big plans for the morning!

This is that fabulous chandelier in the atrium taken from standing straight below it. We went there after breakfast. Guess what we did?

We attended a Princess Gathering!!! Whoo hoo!!! We got there early and were towards the front of the line, and got to see...

Snow White

Belle (Brooke's favorite)

Aurora-Sleeping Beauty



and Cindy

This was great. The girls were so excited! It was when they walked up to Ariel that I came to the conclusion that I could never be a princess. Sure, I have the penchant for shoes, charming men, and things that sparkle. But I am not syrupy enough. When the girls walked up to Ariel she said in a sweet sing songy voice "hello my little angel fishes". I guffawed. The one time in my life that word actually can be used to describe me. I just can't be that sweet all day long. One time I tried to be sweet, syrupy mommy all day, and by the time the girls went to bed, I was so exhausted and looking for Excedrin migraine! Yes, my friends, I know you are shocked to hear that I could never be a princess.

So we met the princesses and then we went swimming!!! Brooke rode the Aquaduck for the first time (the water-coaster) and she loved it. (Matt, Papa, and I had hopped on it the night before). It is a lot of fun. I should insert picture here but it will mess up all the ones I uploaded. We did a few of the pools, Hannah jumped in about 6000 times, and we also played in the Nemo Splash zone too. I know I know, I should insert pictures. Fine. Here's the aquaduck again, and the Nemo area.

Make no mistake- cruise ship pools are NOT Olympic sized by any means.

This is the Nemo area (duh). I took it one night, didn't have my camera there with me when we were playing.

Part of the Aquaduck!

After water fun, we ate some lunch, and the kids went to the Kids area for awhile. I was supposed to meet up with Matt, but I couldn't find him. So I took some pictures (like always) and then settled into a deck chair on deck 12 above the pools and read my smutty romance novel for awhile.

This was part of the putt-putt course. I would love to have this golf bag that says "goofballs" on to hold all our backyard balls.

I found Matt. Guess why he was grinning? And wearing that hat? Because we decided to get 50 more points in our DVC (Disney Vacation Club) ownership. We were happy!!

Isn't this a great pic of my guy?

We went to pick the girls up in early afternoon, so we could go to another character greeting before rest time. In the main atrium, there were these awesome mosaic tile murals depicting two different princess/castle themes. Got some pics of the girls in the fancy chairs in front of them.

Waiting for the "Mickey and Friends" gathering on the grand staircase.

During the character greeting we met Mickey, Goofy (who was twirling and dancing while waiting for us to finish with Mickey), Minnie (who was scolding Chip and Dale to get away from the piano), and Chip and Dale.

The Chip and Dale encounter was so funny. Hannah ran right up to Dale and gave him a big hug. Brooke was talking a cast members ear off.

Then Hannah ran over to chip and flung herself at him.

Chip took her in for a gigantic, wrestle-y hug...see her legs sticking out?

Then silly chip picked her up like a baby for the picture. It was so funny and Hannah was just a giggling away!

You do know how to tell Chip and Dale apart don't you? Dale has a red nose, and chip has a black nose--like a chocolate chip!

After all that excitement, mean mommy made the girls have some rest-time.

That night was PIRATE NIGHT! Whoo hoo! Always a fun time!! And I noticed our Navigator (daily schedule of events they give you) said that Tinkerbell was going to be available for pictures before dinner. Now, while Belle is Brooke's favorite princess, Tink is her favorite character overall and we had never met her!! This was hugely exciting!

Of course we could NOT walk past the line for Pirate Minnie without standing in it. I told Hannah we had already seen Minnie that day, but she did not care.

Pirate couple.... like Matt's shirt? I made it :)

Leaving Nassau

We went up to Deck 13 (which hardly had any people there) to chill after dinner.

Then, Yo-Ho my friends! It was time for a Pirate party. One of two that evening, this one geared towards the kids. But i had a lot of fun too!! Check out the crowd:

You know, there were 4000 passengers on this cruise. That doesn't count the crew, and I think there's about 1700 crew members. While a few events like this were a bit crowded, I didn't really think they were any more crowded than the other cruises that we were on. I never felt tired of people or sick of the crowds or anything.

So anyways, our pirate friends came to teach us some pirate stuff, like dancing like a pirate, wielding our sword, etc.

During the show, this guy popped up right next to us, to warn the crowd of impending doom. Someone was coming to take over the ship!

Argh!!! Captain Hook!!!!

Fortunately, Mickey and the gang and the rest of us pirates were able to defeat Captain Hook and take the ship back over!!!

Disney is the only cruise line that shoots fireworks off the ship.... and that night was the fireworks (Buccaneer Blast). It wasn't until 1030 though, so we took the girls back to the room to go to bed. If Brooke hadn't crashed, we would have taken her back up, but she did, so grandma stayed in the room with them.

Matt, Papa and I went back up for the next party and the fireworks.

I just love the Aquaduck at night!

Well, I love the whole ship at night!

During this portion of the show/evening, my beloved Cap'n Jack arrived for some adventure.

Yum. :)

After the fireworks were over, they started the Club Pirate dance party. They were playing some great music. The boys went back to the room, but I wanted to hang out for awhile. I usually really hate dancing, but I was in the mood that night. I was hoping to find some message board friends to hang with for awhile, but alas, I searched to no avail. After about 15 minutes of feeling like a goober being up there by myself, I gave in and went shopping and back to the room. Maybe next cruise I'll find someone to shake their booty with me for awhile!!!

And so ends another fabulous day with Disney Cruise line! What do you think? Looks like a blast huh!? Totally is!!!!!!


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Kelly Buma said...

Love #3, keep going....please :)

Brings back such great memories. I was looking at the pic of the deck for Pirate Night and trying to find myself!! haha

We were way at the back by Nemos Reef and my DD had a glow-sword. She was too little to stay up for the fireworks but I could see the reflections from our balcony.

Look forward to reading more Angie.

Angie said...

Hey Angie, I have that video of you and the girls dancing, it is short but cute. I should of hung around a bit longer cause I was feeling good enough from the rum to shake my booty a little ( not that my booty is in any way little ) It was still a great night.
Angie :) aka Great White North