Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whole lotta stuff going on 'round here

I was chatting online last night with my cousin Danica... and told her I think that I will look back on my 30's and describe it as the age of exhaustion. Who knew life could be so busy!! Here's a little peek into what has been going on the last several days around here.

Brooke's class had a little 'popcorn company.' They created their company, named it (Perfectly Perfect Popcorn), interviewed for jobs (Brooke got Junior Executive of Manufacturing), sold it, bagged it, etc. Mommy was popcorn getter-girl and volunteer bagging assistant. This was on Friday.

Our class sold 515 lunch bag paper sacks of popcorn. That equated to 5 LARGE garbage bags of fresh popped popcorn from the theatre. I went to pick it up. Have you seen the movie "Real Genius"? You may remember this final scene: Real Genius Popcorn

I was totally wishing for this song to play on the radio while I drove with my Denali full of popcorn to the school. I almost had to leave Hannah at the theatre. :)

Then I helped in the classroom packaging all of our popcorn into the bags and preparing them for delivery. It was an exhuasting day, but I sure was glad I was not the janitor.

We are in full fledged decorating mode around here....

Some days, this is totally my kind of day....

Do you think I could sue them for false advertising? Tell them that peanut butter is a hot commodity around here and I don't have time for the jar I open to NOT be chunky?! Total perfect depiction of my day. Hey, see my manicured thumbnail? Got fake nails put on the other day. Driving.me.bonkers.

Experimenting with a raspberry recipe.....

Some of my latest creations....

Love this one. It's all edible! (well, except for the three toothpicks holding the ears and bow on!).

Thanksgiving Feast at preschool yesterday. The kids had jello cups and about three of them were like "what is this stuff?!" because they had never had it. Jordan, hannah's little friend, said "well, what do you DO with it?!" So cute.

Got family pics taken this weekend. You can't see them yet. But I can tell you this...they involved 2 girls, 2 grandparents, 2 30something parents, 1 puppy, red, black, denim, and pretty trees...

Funny things heard around this house lately:

Matt: "Hannah needs to leave that damn dog alone so he can go sh*t!"


Hannah: "My baby is named Jesus."

Matt: {laughing}

Hannah: {very serious face} "Jesus does not like people who are laughing."


Matt and I had a date to see comedian Tim Hawkins last week. So funny. I leave you with this clip.... 100% true. True True True. Have a great day!

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pohren said...

Haven't read your blog in awhile...lots of posts. Will have to try your Fried Rice! Glad your house is crazy like mine!