Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time's a tickin

Hello dahlings,

Time's a tickin for your chance to enter to win a $20 Hobby Lobby gift certificate or subscription to "all you" magazine.

Only three entries so the odds are good right now! And it's a free ticket, baby! Check the post below for entry instructions!

Good thing I bought the prize before I ran out of money. I'm waiting desperately for my commission check to come in! The well has run dry.

I need to figure out what kind of cake to make for cake class on Tuesday night. I'm thinking about trying a creme-brulee cake. anyone ever had one? I think it's a yellow cake with a nice caramelly layer on the bottom of each layer or something like that.

How's this for a nice random post about NOTHING. I will tell you something....we spent $75 stinkin dollars eating out last weekend, a little overboard if you ask me! We have gotten a little lax in our usual routine of getting one "fast food" meal and one carry-out-from-a-restaurant or go to a "sit down" restaurant meal per weekend. So to make up that craziness, we have decided to not eat out from this past Monday (the 17th) until at least next Friday (the 28th) with the exception of one meal to celebrate the last day of school. I took the time to put together a good menu of options and so far we are doing good. I've made some recipes that I hadn't had a chance to do yet and we're enjoying those. I've got several more good things in our arsenal to get us thru to next week. Some nights (probably tomorrow in particular) are going to be easy-peasey. For example, tomorrow night we'll probably do a picnic in the basement of cheese, summer sausage, crackers and fruit. Not every dinner has to be a big meal!

Well anyways, go on down to the next post to enter the Disney Recap Quiz contest! Good luck!

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All Doll(ed) Up said...

i hate quizzes. I have an emotional response to them.
but i do like hobby lobby...!