Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess what I did?

As many of you know, we are not a very GREEN family. Nor do we have much GREEN but that's another subject. I do however have fabulous green eyes. But this isn't about me. It's about GREEN-ness.

As Disney likes to put it - "Love the World" (or if you're at Disneyland, "Love the LAND").
I've been thinking we need to do at least something in this house that makes for an earth-friendly change. So far I've taken steps to do two somethings.
For the last two weeks I've used reusable bags at the grocery store. Look how pretty it makes the back of my (SUV) look!

I've actually collected quite an assortment, it was time to start using them. Although we're not quite done with walmart sacks as poopy diaper disposers, this is a good start.
All of my groceries fit in these. You can put a lot more in one of these than a flimsy plastic sack. I thought they'd be a pain in the butt, but I actually loved it. You can sling one or two of these over your shoulder, which means you can theoretically get all the groceries hauled in with one trip. I like that.
Here's one I bought at WDW. See all the hidden mickey's that make up the tree leaves? Cute.

Another thing we are going to do this summer is use these:

The girls and I are all set with our water bottles. You may remember I gave one away not too long ago! I ordered mine from Disney after we got back. See our cute picture on it (above)? I'm sure I was sweating, but it was a cute picture anyways.

So of the "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra I keep hearing (they really drive it home with the kids, don't they?)...we are starting down the road of Re-Use since we're using resuable grocery bags and water bottles. Step one.
I'm not sure there will be a lot of reduction going on anytime soon.
But we do plan on figuring out some form of Recycling this summer. We don't want to increase our monthly bills by any means, but I'm hoping to find a nearby drop-spot for any of these three: paper, plastics, or cans. Brooke really wants to recycle, so that's going to be one of our projects, starting one of those.
And can I just say, I grew up in a state where you paid the 5cents per can/bottle deposit when you purchased it, and then when you took your bag of cans to the can redemption place you got that money back? Yeah, pretty much everyone recycles their cans in Iowa. Because you get money BACK for doing it! And it actually was a "fundraiser" for lots of things, because people could drop their bag off to the school, or the boy scouts, or whatever, and let THEM go get the redemption money.
I would totally already be doing the can/bottle thing if we did the 5 cent deposit. I think every state should do it. Totally.
I was excited to do this post, because I think that Carrie, Cammie, and Michelle are going to be proud of me ;) And because I am proud of me!
I figure at this point, everyone needs to do a little something more earth-friendly, to help counter-act the complete DISASTER the Gulf Oil Spill is. I can't go clean up oil, but at least i'll be cutting back on waste. Buttheads! I'm seriously ticked about that whole mess, and will be even more so if any oil hits my beloved Gulf Coast of Florida (ie SIESTA KEY) beaches. Or gets out to the Caribbean. Big losers.


Michelle said...

Yay, Angie! And here's a link to all the places in Sedgwick Co. that you can recycle lots of different things (includes some info for affordable curbside services):

Cammie G said...

Go Angie! Hmmm, I brought home one of those Disney bags too!