Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet Journal Entry

Do you ever feel like you're not real sure you're doing a great job at this parenting thing? It is the one job we need to be sure to be good at...but it is the hardest job too! I often feel inadequate, and I'm sure there are other parents that do too.

I often feel inadequate as a Christian too. Do I share my faith like I should? Do people who know me see the love of Jesus? I hope so, but I'm not sure! But I can tell you this, if I lead my girls to Christ, I will feel like I've done a good job as a parent. If all else fails, as long as I teach them to believe in Jesus and have him lead their heart...that works for me.

I got the most wonderful email from Brooke's teacher today. She is a wonderful Christian woman whom I adore. It made me so happy... here it is:

"Angie- We were writing about things we are good at in our journals today, and I couldn't wait, not even until tomorrow, to share this with you and Matt. This is her journal entry:
'I am good at reading my Bibl. A Bibl is godd for fiding thags a bout god. god is vare pourfl. God can prtect all of us.' are raising a wonderful Christian child of God. I am proud to know her and you..."

I cannot tell you how much it made me smile and touched my heart to know that my little girl knows God, loves God, and will talk about God with that child-like/fearless faith. She wears her heart on her sleeve and I pray that Jesus will always be in it! I'm so glad we have developed such a relationship with our teacher that she would know how much this means to me, and take the time to send it to me!

Praise the Lord

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All Doll(ed) Up said...

precious. That's what it's all about. Simply precious.