Monday, May 17, 2010

disney recap part 4

After a brief respite from Disney recapping, I'm back to telling you all about our vaca.

Tuesday found us heading to Epcot. I had no intention of dragging the girls around the World Showcase. We wanted to get in and hit our choice attractions and head on back. It seemed the routine was (with Hannah in particular) rough day, good day, rough day, good day. Epcot fell on a "rough" day...and there weren't a lot of rides she could do there.

Have I mentioned how glad I was to have our magical fastpasses?

Epcot day was pretty quick. We went on Spaceship Earth first thing. While we were standing in line, some dirty old man that we kept criss crossing paths with kept looking at my boobs. Like as in, blatantly staring at my chest. (I had a tank top on that day, and let's face it, I've got some boobs). At first I laughed when Matt told me about it, but then the next time we passed him and I witnessed it myself, I was pulling my tank top way up and keeping my back turned! Creepy! Geewhiz. So--Spaceship earth. We went over to Test Track and fastpass-swapped it. We took Brooke on it first, she was (again) a nervous wreck but (again) loved it once we got going. You should have heard her giggling when it was on the outside fast track. While Anne and Gary went on it, we took the girls over to ride the Nemo ride.

Matt and Brooke in their Clam-mobile:

They then met us at The Land. We got fastpasses for Soarin. Anne and Gary took Brooke on Soarin while we got a table and some lunch with Hannah. When they got off, they took over our table to sit with the girls and finish up lunch. I love Soarin. It makes me happy. It simulates that you are gliding over California. You can feel the breeze on your face, you can smell the pine trees when you fly over the forests, you can smell the orange groves. It is awesome.

Some Epcot pics:

We hustled it back to our hotel so we could meet up with our DVC rep, Dave. Love that guy. He took us to the Top of the World lounge (more on that later), and showed us the other accomodations at our resort. Just solidified the fact that we wanted to buy more points!

After rest time, it was off to Matt and I's favorite restaurant at Walt Disney World. Ohana's. It is at the Polynesian resort and it is great. At the center of the restaurant is a huge open fire grill. Everything is served family style. For "starters" you get salad, pork potstickers, (extremely sticky but yummy) wings. For the main entree you get these fabulous noodles (that I'm hoping to get the recipe for), and then the servers come to the table with these 3-foot long skewers of meat right off the grill. There are skewers of beef, turkey, shrimp and pork. They come to your plate and slide off the skewer however many of each you want. Yum. It is so good. Then for dessert is this incredible bread pudding with bananas fosters sauce. I don't even like bread pudding. But I like this!! Yum.

After dinner we went back to the hotel for some evening swimming. Always a great way to finish the day off.

So recap will be going into part 5 and possibly part 6. Coming soon...a great day at hollywood studios, downtown Disney, Chef Mickey's, and flying home.

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