Thursday, May 13, 2010

Disney Trip Recap Part 3

There's a lot to talk about when you take a six day vaca to Disney World, ya know what I mean? I promise to soon interrupt this broadcast with two non-Disney related posts, and as I stated earlier, there will be a QUIZ and PRIZE at the end of the Disney recaps. Just hang in there my happy readers....and if you haven't been to WDW with your monkeys, just continue to live vicariously through this blog post for a little bit longer!
So Monday May 3rd was our day at Magic Kingdom. I'd gone back and forth several times on our touring plan about this because MK is sometimes busier than the other parks on Mondays...but it was how it worked out and I decided it didn't matter since we had our magical fastpass things anyways.
Turned out we hardly had to use them at all. We were at the park just a few minutes after opening, and as I tell all my clients, we headed directly down main street, through the castle and into Fantasyland. News flash: we did NOT ride DUMBO. I'm sure that left Brooke's trip "incomplete" and Hannah said a time or two that she wanted to ride it, but there is always a pretty good line for Dumbo, it's not "Fastpass-able" and so many of the other attractions there were walk-right-on. I didn't want to spend time waiting for Dumbo when there was zero wait for the other rides, and then get off of Dumbo to find everything with longer wait times!

First ride: Snow White. Told Brooke it wasn't scary. We lied. Not scary as far as the physical ride goes, not scary at all. But for some reason this ride through the story book focus' A LOT on the witch of the story and not the happy warm fuzzy parts. I knew that, but had forgotten just how much that was the case. Brooke was a little pissed off at us for dragging her on that! It wouldn't be the last 'drag her on' of the day. Brooke is kind of a chicken...though once we get her on something, she usually ends up liking it!

We then went to ride Peter Pan (which we hadn't gotten to do in our past two visits to WDW). Then both girls were thrilled to death to get on "It's a Small World." They love that ride. I did too when I was little. I like it now too...but for different reasons. (It's long, and it's air conditioned)!
On Small World...Hannah was actually enjoying it though you can't tell from this pic:
Daddy and Grandpa really really love Small World

At least Brooke and I look happy:

We decided to head on over to Frontierland so we could ride our (read: Matt and I's) two favorite rides at MK-- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. On the way over there, we went by Haunted Mansion which had no wait time. Brooke had gone back and forth for the months prior to the trip about whether she "wanted" to ride this or not. She decided at that moment that she didn't want to, but we made her do it anyways. She's already ridden it before!! Here's a pic. I don't know why she's covering her ears:

She was freaking out in the little "intro" room, but once we got past that part and into the Doombuggy she seemed to do okay. By the end, as usual, she was smiling away!
I snagged FP's for Big Thunder, and was going to do the same for Splash, but it was temporarily closed. Since our FP's weren't good on Big Thunder for about 30 minutes, we trekked on over to the Jungle Cruise. That ride is so funny. The "cruise guide" just says a bunch of funny, make-ya-groan jokes the whole time. What a hoot. Our guy looked like and reminded me so much of my little brother.
On our way to Jungle Cruise, we saw Jack Sparrow was up to some fun antics. I had to take a picture, because as Matt says, I have a thing for pirates. Captain Feathersword was my favorite "Wiggles" character, and I love Cap'n Jack Sparrow. Arrrr!
We got off the Jungle Cruise and headed back up to Big Thunder. On the way, we saw Woody and Jesse from Toy Story!! Brooke's first autographs in her autograph book!!! She was so excited. Hannah was excited to see them, she LOVES Toy Story, but she did not want to get too close:
We sent Matt's parents on Big Thunder while we hung with the girls for a few minutes and gave them something to drink. When they got off, they took Hannah and started heading back to the hotel with her. We rode it with Brooke, and then we started our way back to the hotel.

On the way back we ran into the "Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It" street party. Brooke and Matt didn't want to move it or shake it, so I just photographed it.

Back to the hotel for some rest time. Matt took Brooke down to the pool for the second half of Hannah's nap time.
Off to dinner: I love this pic.

That evening we had dinner at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Resort. Decent food, including STRAWBERRY SOUP which a) I love, b) is chilled, and c) I have the recipe for. I am soo making this sometime soon! Strawberry Soup and Lactaid...good combo ;)
We had some guests with us at Dinner, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella. Brooke LOVES character meals. Again, Hannah liked to wave hello at a safe distance.

We hopped on the monorail after dinner and zipped back to Magic Kingdom. We used some fastpasses to ride Buzz Lightyear twice. Matt, Gary and I hopped on Space Mountain, and then we went back to the hotel for some more swimming.

Waiting in line for Space Mountain:

Heading back to the hotel I snapped these two pictures. You can't go to WDW without taking at least one token shot of the castle by itself:

It was a great day...everything flowed along so nicely, the short wait times and the magic fastpasses made everything just gel. Yeah for pixie dust!
*tap tap tap* is this thing on? ya still with me?


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hi - found your blog address on and am now stalking (i mean following) you. have a great day!

Jodi said...

I love your recaps and pictures. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Remember in 2 years, when Olivia turns 5. . .we are headed to WDW. You'll have to hook us up and make it as magical as possible. :) Just reading about your vacation makes me feel like I'm on a mini-vacation, even if only in my mind. So glad that you had such a great time!