Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom

I am a slacker and did not get a Mother's Day card in the mail to my mommy. A gift is on it's way, but alas, no card. Instead, she gets a Mothers Day shout out here on my blog.


Her first Mothers day as a mommy was my birth-day. Like as in, I was born on Mother's Day (consequently, today is my birthday too lol).

My mom is the most creative, crafty person I know. I wish I would have gotten a few more of those genes.

She loved me through the emotional junior high years. I'm sure that took some effort. I was seriously emotional in junior high.

She loved me when I was mad at her, and never thought she was right about anything.

(I still don't always think she's right, but that's okay. Like, She really has a thing for purple. I'm not so sure I get that haha).

I love you bunches mom! Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

4 Generations of Dean Women, including me and my mommy.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the "Mom" blog. My 1st Mother's Day was one I will never forget. I received a one of a kind gift that day....YOU!
Love, Mom