Monday, May 10, 2010

Disney Recap Part 1

Welcome to the first of several Disney Trip Recaps. I said I thought it would take four posts to get it all done. I'm not sure if I'm right on that. Note--there WILL be a QUIZ at the end of the Disney posts--with a PRIZE. So settle back and read away!

Whoever said that "getting there is half the fun" has not travelled with small children. Getting there is NOT fun....and we have pretty good little travellers. Airline travel just is not fun these days. And you can't get anywhere fast from Wichita! BUT-Hannah LOVED the big airplanes.

We flew Delta which meant a connection thru Atlanta. I've been thru this airport so many times, I like it because I know it well. However, I think I prefer connecting through Dallas. Anyways, we had an uneventful trip down there. Then we waited to get on the Magical Express to get to our resort. We were hungry and excited to just GET THERE.

This post is mostly about our hotel. We bought into the Disney Vacation Club last year on our cruise, and our "home" is Bay Lake Tower. We'd considered DVC for years but always said "well, if they build one that is on the monorail, then we'll do it." Well, they built it and we came. Bay Lake Tower is part of the Contemporary Resort, which has always been our first choice.

I cannot tell you how much we LOVED it here. It really felt like our home away from home. I can't wait to go back.

Here are some pics of our room: a 2-bedroom villa with living area, full kitchen, and three full baths. Matt's parents had the master suite (which I didn't take pictures of) which included this super awesome bathroom. Our bedroom had 2 queen beds. The bathroom in that bedroom we made "the girls" bathroom and Matt and I made the bathroom in the family area "our bathroom." It was just easier, so we weren't trying to sneak and brush our teeth when they were already in bed.

Each bedroom had a nice balcony. We were in a lake view, but we were on the end of the building. So from the Master balcony and the family room windows, you could see Magic Kingdom (we watched the fireworks from our suite almost every night), and from our bedroom you had a great lakeview. It was fabulous:

Our hotel had a FABULOUS POOL. We LOVED IT. They had those splash-zone fountain thingys which we LOVE to play in. (We'd also love to put one in our backyard!). It was a zero entry pool which is great with the kiddos. The water was perfect...of course it helps that it was in the mid-90's almost our whole stay! The only time I WASN'T sweating was in the pool :)

The pool area:

Our resort was about a six minute walk to the front gates of Magic Kingdom. We could also go down to the 5th floor-across the walkway to the Contemporary's main building, and hop on the monorail. We did both depending on mood, heat, and how crabby any member of the party was.

The monorail and walkway:

Some more resort pictures:

I am in love with this fountain.

The main lobby

I adore this picture of the girls. Taken from the elevator lobby on the 8th floor, they were checking out the awesome view of the castle from our home resort. Such a sweet pic.

So now you've been introduced to our home away from home for the week. Tomorrow we'll start our days at the parks! Hurry back!

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Kim said...

Looks like a fun trip you guys took!! Love the photos!!