Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm feeling a little crabby today. Okay that's a lie. I'm feeling a lot crabby.

My children are driving me crazy. Brooke seems to be physically unable to PLAY (why do we have all these toys?), they are fighting. Apparently Brooke woke up with a hollow leg today because all she has done is pester me about food. You'd think we never feed this kid.

We're stuck at home today because we're getting a few new windows. (Expensive windows, mind you. If we weren't getting these windows I'd sooooo be buying more points with DVC).

It's muggy and hot out. Ugh. For the record you will NEVER hear me complain about being cold, how cold it is, cold weather, etc. I really hate being hot, humidity, etc and don't feel it's fair to complain about both. So I only complain about heat and humidity. How very balanced of me don't you think? I don't mind summer, if I'm at the pool or the beach. But pretty much otherwise I'm just sweaty the rest of the summer.

Our desktop computer seems to have a virus. We think we have identified it as the Google Redirect Virus. As in, we got it from Google!! It's a pain in the patooty. Besides the troubles we get with the internet, the computer seems like it only wants to do one thing at a time. You turn it on, do something (internet, pictures, Word, whatever). Then when you are ready to move onto something else, it won't do anything. You can't even get it to turn off. You have to turn off the power strip, turn the computer back on, and then do your next thing. We're trying to run a fix on it (that we had to pull up on the laptop because you can't multitask on the computer anymore) but we're not sure that's going to fix it. Our anti-virus program isn't even picking it up. I'm telling you it's a serious booger. So I have been trying to make sure the pics and my work files are backed up onto a flash drive.

I have cramps. Some days I think I should go back on birth control just because it makes the monthly sooo much "better".... but I just don't think I want to be on them again!

I need a vacation... oh wait, I just took one, and I can't afford another.

Where's the rum?

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