Monday, March 16, 2009

Zoo Day!

Brooke is on Spring Break this week, and we wanted to keep busy. The weather has started off with a bang- it was so gorgeous here today I think I spent more time outside than inside!
This morning we went to the Zoo and met up with our cousins. (that would be, Matt's cousin's wife Kacy and their kids Makenah and Landen). It was a gorgeous day. Hannah was great- I hardly heard a peep out of her the whole time even though she was in her stroller from 10a.m. to 1:30! She didn't get fussy once -- though she did start getting that glazed-over, exhausted look after lunch. She fell asleep within 3 minutes of getting in the car!
Brooke had a blast with her cousins and we saw a lot of animals. There was a baby giraffe and a lion cub that we had not seen, and the big lion was up on his rock and we heard him roaring. It was like being in the middle of the Lion King movie!
We also spent most of the evening outside-- Brooke didn't nap so she was outside from about 3-6:30 with the brief interlude for dinner! I love Spring! I do not love getting my flower beds worked over and ready. Would anyone like to come help me with that?

The rest of our week includes some time with Grandma, a playdate with Jaci, a trip to the library, and some romping fun at a playtime at the gymnastics place. And that doesn't even touch the busy weekend we have planned!
Here are a few pictures from the zoo:

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Jodi said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time. My mother and sister-in-law wanted to go to the zoo yesterday with us. Of course, again, I had to mention spring break. . .lots of kids, etc. They went at 2 pm and said it was a "zoo." So, they decided to go to Botanica and asked if we wanted to go there. Nobody was there, of course, and it was nice to get outside. Next month. . .let's plan on our zoo trip!