Thursday, March 26, 2009

Walking and Weaning and Teeth-oh My!

It's been a big week for Hannah!!
Yesterday I noticed that her 2nd tooth had finally popped thru! Yippee!
Last night was the last night for her to get a bottle. We'd been cutting down the number of bottles over the last two months; first taking away her noon bottle, then her 4p.m. bottle, then her morning bottle. Tonight was the first night she didn't get her 7p.m.-ish bottle. She did pretty good. (relatively speaking, considering she is crabby from teething, and both of my kids seemed to be a little off-their-rocker tonight. I think it is the impending weather). So, since I cut each bottle out "cold turkey" --we're done with bottles!! Yahoo!
Today, I noticed that Hannah was getting into a standing position in the middle of the room (without pulling up on anything), and taking a few steps. She'd done this randomly over the last month, but today it was like she was a pro. And then I noticed, she was taking a lot more steps too! She picked up a cracker, then walked at least 15 steps. She's rockin it! The last few weeks I've been thinking "geez, is she going to walk in time for our trip or not?!?!" ...but after today I'm thinking it should definately happen! I'm anxious to see how she progresses the next few days!
Tonight, she found a toy hairbrush and toddled over to Matt (who was laying on the floor) and "brushed" his hair. I laughed so hard I thought I might wet my pants. It was so funny. She was not really she'd rub his head with her hand, and giggle, and do it some more. Too cute!!

As far as Brooke goes, if I get my nostalgic hat on, I would say "this is the last Thursday that she will be a four-year-old!". She is getting so excited for her birthday. I have no idea what to get her! For her treats for school she requested brownies and chips. The chip request didn't surprise me because she loves chips; but we hardly ever have brownies around here! Maybe that's why she asked for them! Before her big Birthday next week, we have a quiet (and snowy, supposedly) weekend ahead of us. Matt is not working on Saturday and I hope we all have a great, relaxing weekend together! As previously mentioned- the girls were kind of a mess tonight-- Brooke was totally off her rocker--and I'm thinking it is the weather--(considering that several people said they were having the same problem tonight)--so I hope once the weather hits, she'll calm down a bit!

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