Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Honor of Baby Cora....

Sweet baby Cora would've turned one today. I cannot imagine how her parents are feeling....I hope that the warm kansas sunshine feels like a smile from heaven for them.

Today, in honor of the sweet angel, I painted my toenails pink. I'm going to wear a pink shirt. I'm hoping to send a pink balloon up to the skies. I'm going to go buy Hannah "MooBaaLaLaLa" because I hear it is a great book and one of Cora's favorites and so we will share it together and someday I'll tell her all about Cora. I'm going to snuggle my babies closer. And I made my donation from the etsy sale online.

Please pray for Jess and Joel....these souls I have never met but whom I love nonetheless....pray that they will feel Cora's love today, and that they will hold each other tight, and that Jesus will shower them with the peace that passes allllllll understanding.

love you!

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