Saturday, March 14, 2009

Magic Kingdom, Here we Come!!!!

I am soooooo excited! I've been giddy since yesterday. When was the last time you were giddy?! I have to tell you, I am just pumped.....!

Can you tell I'm excited?! Well, as you know (and will hear much of), our big trip is in seven weeks. We are doing that seven day Disney cruise that I mentioned before. I cannot wait! But yesterday it got even better...!

We are flying in 3 days before we set sail so that we can go visit some of my family in Sarasota. AFTER we had booked our plane tickets to include that pre-trip visit, we found out that said family is coming up north (i.e to Iowa, where I am from) this summer, a month after we are there! I didn't want to cancel our Sarasota portion (it would cost too much to change the airlines anyways), but was bummed to have the two visits so close to each other! Yet I still want to see them too!

Yesterday as I was laying in the tanning bed, I had an epiphany. You can really do some good thinking in a tanning bed if you don't fall asleep! Instead of spending Wednesday AND Thursday night in Sarsota, then driving back to Orlando on Friday after lunch and spending Friday night there waiting for our cruise day; we could just drive back to Orlando on Thursday night.... and then on FRIDAY we could go spend the WHOLE DAY at MAGIC KINGDOM! I love the magic kingdom. Doing this would only cause us to lose a few hours with family in Sarasota, but in turn would give us A WHOLE DAY AT MAGIC KINGDOM!!! All I had to do was talk the rest of the family into spending the $ on the tickets!

Well talking the family into it was no problem. yipppeeee! Then we got to thinking "Geez, if we're going to spend 2 nights in Orlando and we're going to spend a day at Magic Kingdom, maybe we should go ahead and stay at a Disney resort instead of the Airport Hyatt!"..... So we are going to stay at the Swan and Dolphin, and the cruise bus picks up right there. I'm so excited.

We'll spend that Wednesday evening with family (hopefully), and that Thursday morning thru mid afternoon with my Grandma; and then we'll head on back to Orlando. Then on Friday--- it's off to Magic Kingdom!! Brooke will be tall enough for all the rides now! How exciting! And it will be Hannah's first visit!!!! And we're staying on-site so we could jet back to the hotel for a nap if we need to! It was driving me nuts to be IN ORLANDO and NOT go to the parks at all. Magic Kingdom is our favorite park (followed closely by MGM/Hollywood studios), so I'm so excited to get this worked out! And then, we'll see more of my family just a month later in Iowa!

I'm so darn excited. Can you tell?! Will you be able to handle this for seven more weeks?!

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Jodi said...

Yay!! That sounds like so much fun. A few years ago, Ryan and I went to Disney World. We stayed at the Port Orleans and went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios. We had such a great time. We went in December, so all of the Christmas decorations were up yet it was 70 degrees. The next year, we went to Universal Studios and SeaWorld, etc. I can't wait to take Olivia.