Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Piss and Vinegar

Have you ever heard the phrase that someone is "full of piss and vinegar"? I think Brooke personified that today. I still probably can't adequately explain in words what (I think) that phrase means, but it ran thru my head multiple times today. Brooke was a force to be reckoned with today- and it's only TUESDAY of Spring Break!!! She hasn't napped for two days...and yes I know she is almost 5 but this kid still does take naps a few times a week--and I think that was a big part of it. Tomorrow is a new day and I have high hopes.

Speaking of things people used to say and do... today I told Brooke a story about my Grandpa Dean. (He passed away a few years ago and I miss him). The last week-since the weather has been nice; Brooke has been outside a ton. Well, we all have. Brooke more than the rest of us. And she has been IN and OUT and IN and OUT. Today I told her the story of how my cousins (the boys mostly) used to do that at my grandparents house. And one time Papa Dean got tired of it, and locked them in the backyard. As in locked the patio door so they couldn't come in. I think he left them out there for a few hours. It was funny, especially because I recall at least one occasion where we girls were camped happily inside during a lock-out. (Don't worry, it wasn't too terribly hot, and the yard was fenced in. They were quite fine and all are still alive to tell the story today--rather frequently at family gatherings). So I told Brooke this story today. I'm not sure she liked it :) I'm hoping she remembers it though, the next 300 times she comes barrelling up the deck steps for some reason or another!
Hannah loves to be outside. She is so vocal about it, I can't even have the back door open just for the sake of letting fresh air in--she throws a fit if that door is open and she is not on the OUTSIDE part of it. Today we took the lid off the sandbox and let the girls play in there. Hannah is more interested in the pea gravel and putting it in and out of cups. I need to get some sunscreen.... every day the past few days we have come in and her little cheeks have been rosy.
A few pics from today. The lighting is not so great but it was seriously just THAT BRIGHT back in the backyard today! And the picture of the budding tree- why does my cheapy pocket camera do better shots like that than my more expensive Canon? Ugh!

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