Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chubby Cheeks

Hannah is now eating...CARROTS! Finally a vegetable breakthrough!! When I make cooked carrots ("glazed" with a little butter and brown-sugar sauce. Totally healthy 100%), I use whole baby carrots. Hannah will eat them right up if I give them to her whole, so she can munch on them. If I cut them up, she won't touch them. I thought i'd share some pictures of little miss chubby-cheeks. Last week she decided to stuff her mouth full of carrots. I thought for sure they'd be coming back out but she kept on chewing!

After a horrible day on Sunday, where she wouldn't eat or drink a thing, and was crabby crabby; she woke up Monday morning with a wee-bit of her first tooth finally poking thru! A breakthrough! finally!! of course, then last night we discovered she had a rash all over-- yet another possible side-effect to teething. My kids teethe worse than anyone I know. Every symptom in the book! Brooke will be in 2nd grade before she ever gets a loose tooth, I swear!

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