Monday, March 30, 2009

Whoa-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh...Hangin Tough...!

I am soooooo excited. I was a BIG NKOTB fan growing up. It all started the summer before 8th grade when I went to Florida to visit my cousin Kelly. I think we became New Kids obsessed that week I was there. Then after a week in Florida, Kelly came home to Iowa with me for a week. Younger cousin Danica came to spend some time with us (she lived 2 hrs away from me and is 2 years younger. I love her bunches). Kelly already had "dibs" on Donnie, and I had "dibs" on Joey. (Still do haha). So Danica ended up having to pick Jordan. or did she pick Jonathan? I can't remember. I know Joey was mine. And Danica still reminds me of the fact that we did that to her all those years ago. OH and in order to be considered as "big of a fan as us" she had to answer a bunch of trivia questions about them. Really I was nice to her when it was just the two of us!
Then the New Kids craze bonded me with some of my dearest childhood friends... Jill, Erin, and Marcy. Jill, Marcy and I did a lot together and really became friends then. Jill was my best friend (and still a very close treasured friend). She broke my heart when she moved to Houston in 9th grade. Marcy and I stayed great friends all through high school. Erin and I went to kg together and grew up together, and were NKOTB fans together; we go wayyyyy back. So anyways, it was the love of NKOTB especially that brought Jill, Marcy and I together. Being obsessed and boy crazy does that!

One year for Christmas (I'm guessing it was 9th grade maybe), I walked out of my room to see the gift Santa had left for me. There was a big Joey poster hanging on the wall by the tree. Taped to it was a little box. Inside-- NKOTB concert tickets for the concert in Kansas City. Mom said that Erin's mom was going to take us. I was soooooooooooo excited!!!! I'll never forget that moment. We also ended up going to the concert in Ames I think about a year later.

I was so excited when they got back together last year....I bought the new CD and I love it! You should check it out before you "judge" them. They were in KC in November... and I just didn't think I could work it out... it was the middle of the were expensive....I didn't want to spend the money on them and then have there be bad weather where I couldn't get there...and I don't think Matt was thrilled that he may have to use vacation time so I could go see New Kids on the Block.

Today while I was working out at the Y...I saw the 5p.m. news flash the NKOTB website on their screen. The CC wasn't on so I had no idea what they were saying. Then when I left, I got in the truck and a local radio station was playing "Hangin Tough." "this is weird," I thought... "they never play New Kids here..." After the song was over, I heard the concert announcement. I was soooooooooo excited. First I called Matt to squeal the news. He was thrilled. (haha). Then I called a bunch of friends, most of whom laughed at me. SOMEONE is going to that concert with me damn it!!!! I told Matt that when tix go on sale, I'm going to buy at least two, and if none of my friends will go with me then he will have to. He said "I'll go with you." I quickly backpedalled and said "no no no my first choice for this concert is my girlfriends, you are the backup plan." lol...


Jodi said...

Do you know when they go on sale? I just have to go!!!

Lori said...

i am laughing out loud about the "almost ate my bedsheet" comment!!!! soooo true! why do they do that to us poor mommies in labor!

nkotb----i still have my "jordan mcknight" doll! my daughter plays with it with her barbies. ;-)