Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Can I just say that the week has improved drastically since Monday morning's trip to the ER? Hannah is still not herself but doing much better. It has not been a great few days for my little monkey.

Last night, however, life in general started looking up. I was working on our Disney Cruise pkg with DCL, and found out that they had opened up military discounts on our sailing. Our friends that are going with us are military...and not only do they get a discount but two of their travelling companions rooms' get discounts too meaning all three of our rooms get discounts! So that is another $900 back in our pocket! Yipppeeeee!

Today, I bought one of those $2 crossword scratchoff lottery tickets...and I won $100. Yipppeee!

After lunch, Brooke had her first dentist appointment ever. She can tend to be over-dramatic and get scared/worked up about things like this (she FREAKS when she has to go see our family doctor). I was really dreading the dentist visit. She did AMAZING!!!! She was in a very chipper (bouncing off the walls!) mood when we got there, being very social, etc. She hopped right in the chair, and they did the whole thing-- cleaning, polishing, flossing, and even a fluoride application! She didn't get upset or anything. It was FABULOUS! I was so proud of her! Of course our hygenist is wonderful and that made a big difference. I just couldn't believe we got through it with no drama.

Thank goodness the weather is gorgeous today. We should get some good outside time here after nap.

Oh. And I bought a swimsuit today. Not because I've lost anywhere near my 30 lbs. But because I'm hoping that if I hang it in plain sight and have a daily reminder of having to wear it in 2 months, that it will remind me to do crunches, not eat cookies, love on my vegetables a little more, etc.

Hope you're having a great day!

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