Friday, February 25, 2011

Like a newborn

This week has been hell on mommy.

It started approxiamately last week when little miss Hannah decided she was DONE sleeping in her baby bed. Before we had her "new bedroom" done started.

In the past week she has slept in her crib. In the spare bed. On the nursery room floor. On the spare bedroom floor. In my bed. In her sister's bed.

And the best so far.... this morning after Matt's alarm went off (and I therefore woke up), I lay there and thought "I hear snoring"...i tiptoed across our pitch black room, opened the door, and found my three year old sleeping spread eagle on the floor in the hallway right outside my door. It was comical. I went and got Matt so he could see, then I took her back to her room the spare bedroom. Not that she stayed asleep while I picked her up and carried her in there, but she did fall back to sleep quickly for about two more hours.

Why is life like having a newborn again? Because not only have we played musical sleeping locations, but she has a cold. A horrible, terrible, no good, very bad cold. She's so whiney. And she is up about four times a night (like a baby) fussing (like a baby) for me to take care of her (like a baby) because only mommy can do it (like a breastfeeding baby). She wakes up and cries for me because "my nose is running!" to which i stumble in and help her blow some other medicinal thing or two of choice at the moment, and stumble back to bed.


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