Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Worthwhile Challenge- Week #9..Cheat

I didn't have time this weekend to get my brain around doing a new recipe, so I'm cheating a little bit. But in doing so...I'm posting two things here that might be new to you, but are kind of cheating to me.

Old recipe with new twist! About two years ago (Have I been blogging that long), I posted the recipe for our favorite cookies. I could probably make these with my eyes closed.

Needed something to entertain the girls for a bit this weekend, so we whipped up a batch of these. What did we do to make this a new recipe? In addition to the chocolate chips, I chopped up a king size snickers candy bar and put that in there too! I'd have to say, that was quite a yummy addition!! Give it a try.

I also just made a quick batch of Spanish rice that was a new way of doing it and super easy. This was for two servings and would probably need tweaked for larger amounts... but following the stovetop directions for "bring rice and water to a boil, put the lid on, and simmer for 10-15 minutes"...I replaced 1/2 the water with Pace Picante sauce and otherwise followed the directions on the pkg of Uncle Bens.... when it was all done, it was a yummy, easy batch of Spanish rice. I put a little shredded cheddar on mine....and if you really wanted to, you could probably stir in some browned ground beef to make it more of a main dish.

So....I kind of cheated this week....but I gave you a bonus!

Have a great week! Do something nice for someone!

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