Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hannah's Birthday Party version 3.0

My little munchkin turns three this week. Today we celebrated her birthday with her favorite little friends!

It was a cupcake themed I made one of those big cupcakes. I thought it turned out cute, but it wasn't my yummiest cake. It seemed to have to bake awhile in that cupcake-pan, so I think it was a little dry and I tried a new recipe.

I wish I could take the credit for all the ideas in this party, but no can do. This activity was one we did at a fun little cooking party we went to a few months ago. I spread cheerios, pretzels, and lifesaver gummies all over the table and we made necklaces!

When you have a three-year-old birthday party, other moms are an important ingredient!

Brooke and one of her good friends, Jaci. Jaci and her sister (one of the three year olds in attendance) live across the street. Our families are good friends even though we don't get to do a whole lot with them.

Hannah kept munching on the pretzels on the table while I made her necklace.

My BFF Debbi was working double duty helping her twins out!

This is Hannah's best bud from Mom's Day Out, Jordan...and her mom Libby. We had our first playdate this past week and it was great getting to know a new friend!

The transition activity was the game Hulabaloo! The big kids loved it. The little kids were not sure what was going on!

Time to open presents!! Hannah loved everything she got!

Time to decorate cupcakes!!!

Time to sing Happy Birthday! The little ones got to take one of their cupcakes home, and eat one of their cupcakes...then we adults dug into the big cupcake!

After we were done cupcaking, the kiddos went down to the playroom for a little playtime!

Hannah and her first friends, Ragan and Rylee. Debbi and I were in our first trimesters with them when we met at Brooke/Chase's preschool several years ago! The twinkies are about five weeks younger than Hannah.

Couldn't get Jordan to get in on this picture, so here is five of the six munchkins in attendance! Maddi is the daughter of Matt's oldest friend (as in, has known him the longest), Jamie and his fiancee Nikki. It's been great getting to become friends with Maddi and her mommy Nikki over the last 8 months or so! The one in the middle is Leah, the neighbor across the street!

Finally at the end of the party, we were able to get a good picture of Hannah and Jordan (who had her birthday just last week!)

We are so blessed to have such great mommy friends and little friends for my girls! Hannah had a great time at her party and loved having all of her little BFF's there.

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wdozier said...

She is adorable!!! Happy Birthday Hannah!