Sunday, February 13, 2011


We started attending a new church back in the fall. While it is bigger than what we would prefer, i have to say that I am loving it.

the minister is a gifted speaker, and he delivers the Word of God in such relevant ways that how it can be applied in life is so clear.

What I am really loving about the church though, is the children's ministries. I think my oldest girl has grown more in her relationship with Jesus and understanding of being a Christian more in the last six months than she had in the previous several years. Of course, part of that is the age she is now...a lot more of it all is sinking in and she is at an age where she "gets it" more. But it's been great. They teach to the kids in such a relevant way.

My little one has learned about how God makes us each special and how God is our friend. It's so heartwarming. With her birthday coming up, she'll be moving classrooms where she will get lessons delivered via an awesome puppet show. I know she will soak it right up.

The bigger kids area focuses on a "virtue of the month" each month. A week ago, they actually did a big "road show" at Brooke's school. Of course, they had to take the "God" out of that lesson since it's a public school and this country forgets it was founded on God... But nonetheless, they did a lesson on the virtue of "kindness" and it was so awesome to hear kids at the school pumped up for it. They brought home little red cards that talked about being kind. They were to do something kind for someone, and leave them the card...which instructed them to in turn do something kind for another person, and pass the card on again. They could also go to the website and leave a comment about the act of kindness they gave/recieved. It's been so cool reading those comments. Brooke was so excited to use her little cards.

If I only do one thing correct/right/good as a parent, it is going to be sharing Jesus with my girls. I want them to love Jesus, love church, and love others with all their heart. I can't think of anything more important to impart to my children than the value of having great FAITH in the one true God.

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