Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines

Five reasons why I love this guy:
1. Eleven years ago our first Valentine's Day together involved me in the hospital with a kidney stone. Morphine, pee-straining, crying, and he hung in there with me. I love him because he's got staying-power.
2. He has worked hard for the past (nearly 7) years to allow me to be a stay at home mom to our beautiful little girls. He does this even without putting a lot of expectation on me... He doesn't mind that the house is not immaculate...he just wants our girls well taken care of, well loved, and our house happy.
3. He is a great daddy to our two gorgeous little girls.
4. He spoils me when he can... even if we both wish that could be more often! :)
5. He loves so many of the same things that I do, which makes it fun to share this life with him!

Five reasons why I love this beautiful littlest girl:
1. She is one big bundle of joy and light wrapped in the cutest little package
2. She is a mommy's girl and gives me lots and lots of love
3. She is my baby
4. She entertains herself so well
5. She is my little sidekick while daddy and sis are gone all day

Five reasons why I love this beautiful little girl:
1. She has been bringing me joy for almost seven years
2. She is a lover of people and of Jesus
3. She is exuberant and enthusiastic about darn near everything
4. She loves to read and do artsy stuff, like mommy
5. She's always there for a hug, or some love, or some silliness.

This Valentine's Day, I thank God for my wonderful little family that I am so blessed by every day. Even the days that make me want to run screaming into a padded room and lock the door, I am blessed to have them. And I celebrate everyone else in life that I love today as well.... the rest of my family, old friends, new friends, blog readers, New Kids on the block, and Mark Wahlberg. :) (just making sure you were paying attention).

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Marcy said...

For just a minute, I thought you were thankful for my favorite NKOTB member specifically. And then I realized it was his little brother. LOL

I'm thankful for you and the tons of wonderful memories we have!