Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to Hannah

Three years ago this afternoon, little miss Hannah came into this world! After a long, induction sort of day, that we were starting to worry might turn into a c-section, she came rocketing out after about two pushes.... the doctor and resident literally juggled her, one caught a leg and one caught an arm. I will never forget that!

Since we had her party on Sunday, today was a pretty low-key day. She's still battling an awful cold, so we spent the morning cuddled up in my bed watching Nemo and working on my laptop. Then we went to McD's playland with her little friend Jordan. After a nap and some cranky cuddling this afternoon, we had grandma and grandpa over for dinner, and then we all went to Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt! Afterwards we came home so she could play with her new "DS" (as she calls it)--which is actually a Vtech MoBiGo. I think she's going to love that thing.

Thought I'd post a few of my favorite pics from the last three years of life around here with our little monkey!

The first day....

Love her expression on this picture

Getting bigger....!

one cool chic:

Cousin-in-law Kaci would say this expression comes from the hubbys' side of the family. I'm not saying anything. Heehee.

I guess that means this sweet, happy expression comes from my side:

2009 vacation, ready for her first Disney cruise!

On the beach at Castaway Cay! I didn't leave the continental US till I was about 30 years old... here she went when she was about 15 months old!

This has got to be one of my favorite "fun" pictures of Hannah ever. It reminds me of the little girl, Ellie, at the beginning of the movie "Up."

And a little more recently:

Happy Birthday to my little sweetiepie!

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