Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Worthwhile Challenge Week 8

Last night for Hannah's birthday, we decided to have dinner here at home with grandma and grandpa, and then go to orange leaf (fab frozen yogurt place) afterwards. Since Hannah is the pickiest eater on this side of Wichita, I didn't really plan a menu based on her... I didn't think the rest of the adults would want Spaghetti-os for dinner! I decided to do BBQ beef sandwiches, chips, and then some mac-and-cheese so the girls would have something they would for sure eat!

i wanted to do a crockpot recipe so I could spend the day enjoying the little monkey. While we did have a fun lunchdate...since she still has the longest-cold-in-history AND Brooke had to be picked up from school at the end of the day since she was sick...I was so glad I did the crockpot thing. It made the 445p.m. run to the store for more cold medicine, sprite, etc a little less crazy on dinner time.

Here's the link to the BBQ Beef recipe I did

Crockpot BBQ Beef

I think I used an arm roast...because really if you're going to cook a hunk of beef in it's juices and broth all day long, it's going to come out tender pretty much no matter what. It's what I had in the freezer and it was super tender and shreddable. All the adults thought it was pretty good! I think I would have liked a bit more zing/wang to mine...maybe more mustard or more vinegar would have been good...but it was a good BBQ Beef in general!

Hannah had chips. What can i say? She's impossible to feed!

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Jamie said...

Although I'm not blogging about them I've been trying new recipes a lot lately. Tonight we had lasanga soup and it was so good! It was a little more labor intensive than I like because I don't enjoy cooking, but it was worth it.