Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We got a bunch of snow last night. Well, a bunch of snow for Kansas. We had our SIXTH snow day of the year (as in, of 2011 as well as of the school year in general). It's been crazy.

Today, though, we actually got to go outside and enjoy the snow since the wind died down. We went out for about 30 minutes this morning, and again this afternoon after Hannah's nap. These girls have got some of mommy's Iowa genes in them for sure, because they love playing in the snow.

Our sledding "hill"...a.k.a. our driveway, was bigger than usual because of the big drift and all the snow that matt snow-blowered onto that part. It was fun! So glad Papa Terry bought us the saucer sled a few years ago. Papa if you're reading this, we might need another because the two of them won't fit on one together next year!!

When we first got outside, Hannah just wanted to play with Daddy's shovel.
Brooke hit the slopes right away...
Then Hannah decided she was ready to join in the fun!
They trudged up the driveway I bet 50 times today.

When it was time to go inside this morning, Hannah was not happy. "One more time" she kept crying.
So Matt said "you can come to the backyard with me while I get firewood loaded into the garage, then we're going in!".
This was one of the drifts in our backyard. We would have lost Hannah in it, had she ventured over there. It was deep!
But, apparently a firm drift because Brooke plopped right onto it to make a snow angel. Really, I think she was just wiped out from all the trips up the driveway!
This now concludes our broadcast of Snow Day number six. Hopefully the next installment will not come until next year! Even this Iowa girl has decided she's just ready to move onto Spring!

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