Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What would you do differently?

I (usually) love my life. I say (usually) because we've had some serious "kids going nuts" evenings around here lately in which I would love a vacation. But I love my life.

But there are sometimes when I think about what I would have done differently? I don't think about it too often, because really what's the point.... but I was reading something last night that made me think about it a little bit more.

There's not much I would change....but most of it centers around those college years. I would definately NOT apply for any credit cards if I did college over again. I was a financial mess in college. Yuck.

I graduated from college on my 22nd Birthday. The day I graduated I thought "I should have dragged this out a little longer and gotten my teaching certificate too"...just so I'd have it if I wanted it. Some days I wish I had one.

Last night I was reading a blog of sorts from this girl who is doing the Disney College Program. Basically like an internship at Disney for a semester. I always wanted to do that, but I didn't. In part because I didn't think I'd be able to pay my bills (read: credit card bills) and live on whatever meager money they make. (I'm not sure they make any actually, but they get their lodging paid for). I always wanted to go do the Disney program, I soooo should have done it.

Going forward, I think "what do I want to do now that I don't want to regret NOT doing 10 years down the road?" The one thing that sticks out in my head the most is that I want to take more "just Matt and Me" kind of trips. They don't always have to be big, but it'd be nice. And I'm not talking several a year. Just once a year would suffice. Because this family started out by us just being a couple in love, and I don't think that "couple in love" should disappear just because we're now a "family of four." We did our trip to Vegas last year and it was the first time we'd been away together in 5.5 years. That's a long time! I

We do pretty good at making great memories with our girls. I think we probably need to be more intentional about the time we spend with them when we're at HOME too. We get sucked into the routine -get brooke off the bus-play for a bit while mommy makes dinner-eat dinner-clean up dinner-do homework-do bath-watch a movie-go to bed-- mixed in usually with some drama centered around the girls fighting or Brooke not listening.

So there you go. What I would change in the past is that I would have branched out a little more in college that I did. That I would not have rushed through it so fast. That I would not have had so much CC debt. And going forward...I want to enjoy some more time with my husband, and I want to be intentional about filling the girls' love-tank even in our day to day life.

I wonder how much two tickets to Bora Bora costs?

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