Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally Flying

Matt has been working on his pilot's license for over a year.... we were blessed with a company scholarship to get his private license, but little did we know how long it would take. Granted it doesn't take everyone this long, but with working long hours, having a demanding and busy family life, and crazy Kansas winds and weather, it took awhile.

He had some long evenings flying, and I had some long evenings with these girls!
Last Friday, he finally did his oral test and check ride. And of course, he passed!
This weekend my dad and stepmom were visiting and we had a plane booked for some flying on Saturday morning. It's just a 4-seater so Matt planned to take the girls and I first, then come back and get Dad and Diane. Did all the preflight stuff, loaded up, taxied out, and did a few other checks...and found a part inop that he didn't feel comfortable flying without. No flying on Saturday. But I got some cute pics on the ground:

Today the weather was perfect for flying, so we booked a plane and went on our merry little way. I was a little nervous flying in a little plane (have only done so once before), but it was not too bad. The girls did great! They really enjoyed it! We flew for about 45 minutes which I think was long enough for the girls. Matt landed the plane landing I've ever experienced in any airplane..EVER. Great job honey! (He informed me they would not always be so smooth!).

Here are a few pics from today. There were a lot of farmers burning fields since it was so calm, which made things kind of hazy. I had to take a picture from the air though!

Happy trails my friends....


Michelle said...

Matt has wanted to fly as long as I've known him (since we were 7), so this is about the coolest thing ever. Congratulations Matt, and congratulations to the rest of the Collinsworths for making it happen!

Marcy said...

This really is so cool! What a great experience for both of you and for the girls. Next trip - dinner in Denver?

p.s. Makes me want to get Merv back up in the air!