Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Blow by Blow of the fractured elbow...

In case you're interested, here's a blow-by-blow of my last 26 hours.

It's been fun.

Had a playdate with my best friend and her four kiddos yesterday when Brooke got off the bus. She was in 7th Heaven soaking up time with her buddy Chase. They don't go to the same school. We had a wonderful...30 minutes of playtime.

For once she wasn't running. For once she wasn't screwing around. She was just being Brooke...which sometimes correlates to being klutzy.

She turned away from the patio table, took one step, and tripped over Debbi's purse which was sitting next to the steps. It had been there for almost an hour with no problems. The kid could have tripped over her shadow. It happens. She landed on the patio and kind of half sprawled on top one of the toy lawn mowers.

As usual when an incident occurs, she goes bonkers and screams bloody murder. We did our little "oh toughen up, you're fine!". She was holding her arm. It reminded me of holding my arm when I broke it the day before second grade started. "Oh mannnnnn....." I thought and Debbi and I gave each other that "oh crap" look.

"Bend your arm up and down."

Tentative motion, big time screaming. Crap. Did you know we have vaca coming up?!

I told Matt to take her to the ER, and sent them on their way with my fingers crossed and prayers going up.

I Facebooked my friends to say prayers and cross fingers. I posted a message on my Disney message boards for pixie dust to be sprinkled our way. Everyone resounded with encouraging chorus.

They come home with a splinted arm, an Xray, a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine and directions to go see our doctor tomorrow.

Here's the Xray. Please disregard the window blinds in the background...!
The Xray didn't say much to me:

Off to the doctor first thing this morning. A look at the Xray, a brief exam of (tentative to move her arm) Brooke. He said "well, we could just stick with the splint, or we could cast it. I think for vaca it's probably better to cast it." Alright fine, cast it and we'll pack walmart sacks for the pool.

Ten minutes later, doctor returns. "Change of plans. Looking at these Xrays more closely I think we might have a dislocation here too. I think you need to go see an Orthopedist. We'll run new Xrays while we call them."


We wait for Xrays. I go back to the nurse who is on the phone with the orthopedist's office.

Nurse: "They can get you in this afternoon at four, but you'll probably have a wait."
Me: "What are they going to do?"
Nurse: "They're going to have to reduce/reset it and maybe surgery to insert pins"
Me: "We are going on vacation soon. Is this going to be done today?"
Nurse: "I don't know"
Me: "I think i'm going to pass out."

I seriously was having a moment like I do when I get my blood drawn. Getting blood drawn usually results in my head between my knees and cold wet paper towels on the back of my neck. I was getting that prickly feeling. I was getting sweaty. I was getting light headed and seeing black spots.

"Oh my gosh you have GOT to be kidding me!"

Xrays complete. More waiting. Go find the doctor. He takes us back to the Xray developing area. Ours are hanging there. He looks at them a sec, says "I'll be right back" and takes off with them. We stand back there with employees walking by looking at us like 'what are you doing back here?'

Nurse comes and finds us asking, "What are you doing back here?" We said "Joe told us to wait here?" and she said "That's funny, because he just told me he can't find you." (Gotta love that man). She says "let's go put you back in an exam room so we don't lose you again."

More waiting. In walks the doctor, "Good news!!! No orthopedist needed! we're cancelling the appt! In fact, it is the kind of break you want to have because it's not one we WANT to immobolize! Swimming on vaca will be good for it! We'll just have you splint it as you feel necessary to help protect it, and use the sling by itself when you need to, but motion is good. It will start feeling better quickly!"

"Joe, you almost had to medicate me with all this up and down news," I say.

He laughs. Haha. So funny Doc.

Brought the kiddo home, took her out of her splint, put her down for a long nap this afternoon. She's still squealing when it gets moved too much. For awhile she refused to straighten it out, now she fusses when she bends it. I think it's just her fear that is squealing at this point. We're going to splint her up for school and make her use the sling the next two days. We're gonna keep praying, and we're going to take it easy the next few days!

Sigh. What a roller coaster!

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Jennifer Gragg said...

Oh my... Glad it turned out OK in the end. What a day!