Thursday, April 8, 2010


Did you know that I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up? (I also wanted to be an accountant until I figured out I sucked at Math, and then I wanted to be an archeologist until I figured out that they usually work in hot hot places, and then I wanted to be a church camp owner until I figured that'd be too big an undertaking to start up)...

I have always loved taking pictures. Ever since junior high, I've snapped shots of friends and family. At our senior prom when they had the ever popular slide show of pictures through the years, most of them were provided by me. When I put together the scrapbook for my grandma's 80th Birthday, I had tons of pictures already in my spare bedroom to work with from the past 20 years.

I took a photography class about eight years ago. I didn't learn much by way of aperture and shutter speed. The guy didn't explain it well and frankly I was just confused. I still need to do a lot of learning in that category. He did however give us interesting assignments that helped me learn how to keep an eye out for good TEXTURE in a picture, good LINES, good use of COLOR, etc. I had some pretty good shots from that class.

For now I'm a point-and-shoot kinda girl and then I tweak the picture in my little photo program. I'd like to get a DSLR camera and some lenses, learn how to use them, and get Photoshop Elements (because there's no way I can afford the full photoshop program)!

The reason for this post is that recently I've been itching to start photographing with an end purpose in mind again. I want to go get "That picture" that I've been waiting to snap... a certain shot with just the right color sky, a little photo session with the girls at a great spot that I've scoped out, etc. I decided this year to do the girls' birthday pictures (which I'll post some of below). I uploaded a few to the Walmart 1-hour photo lab today and picked them up when I was grocery shopping. And I was floored and flattered and thrilled when the photo girl said "I need a copyright release from the photographer on these..." and I, slightly shocked, said "I'm the photographer!". I was so excited.

In case you didn't know, I really really like words of affirmation and positive feedback ;) I like to know that people are actually paying attention to me or something I do sometimes, and not just when I trip over the sidewalk or pluck out a grey hair.

So here are some of the pictures I did over the girls the last few weeks. What do you think?

Easter morning:

Brooke's 6-year pictures

Hannah's 2-year pics. She's not quite as cooperative as Brooke!

This one I took of our Pastor on Easter morning. I thought it just looked like such a perfect, serene, symbolic picture... it was a great moment and I'm glad it turned out so good!

I'm no professional and don't assume I ever will be, but I do hope to find time to hone my skills some more to continue to get great shots of those I love, and things I think are gorgeous. It makes for good home decor....!


Lori said...

Told you I'd stop by! :-) GREAT SHOTS, Angie!!!! These are all very good! I'm impressed! I LOVE the first one of the girls!!!! And love how you processed it in your editing has a "timeless" feel to it. :-) I also really like the one of Dennis. You should email that to him. And I totally agree with your description of the photo. Completely.

You definitely have the natural ability to "see" creatively behind the lens. Good job!

Carrie said...

Wow. That is a great compliment! (from the Walmart worker). I'm very impressed with your shots. The ones of Brooke are amazing, and I feel your pain in shooting a 2 yr old! Though they are lovely, too. I can only imagine what you would get up to with an SLR. Your point and shoot is serving you well in the meantime!