Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two More Minutes Tuesday!

My mornings are so NOT all about me.

I remember those days vaguely. When I was a working girl with no children, I'd get up to my alarm, take a shower, throw the towel on my head, and go back to bed for about 20 more minutes before continuing to get ready. And getting ready included doting on myself.

It does not happen like THAT anymore.

I still get up to an alarm six days a week (yes Matt I know I don't have to get up as early as you do!). On school days, here is my routine:

Alarm goes off at 715. My iphone is my alarm and it is set to the marimba sound which is so much better than the "ernt ernt ernt" sound of a regular alarm clock.

Teeth brushed and in the shower by 7:17. I am not one of those moms that can even consider not taking a shower till later in the day. I just feel all sorts of stinky if I don't. I sweat more. It's weird. My body is weird.

Out of the shower by 7:21. (yes I've timed all this). Towel on my head, deoderant on, contacts in, face moisturized, throw the PJ's back on.

Downstairs around 7:26. The next 24 minutes consists of greeting Brooke, asking what she wants for breakfast, arguing with her about her breakfast, getting something on the boobtube that she wants to watch while she eats breakfast. Eat my breakfast, check my email and a few other things, give Brooke her medicines (which sometimes includes a breathing treatment), tell her to eat more of her breakfast, and get her lunch packed on a cold lunch day.

Up the stairs at 8:00 a.m. Throw Brooke's clothes for the day DOWN the stairs so she can get dressed while I finish up.

I spend two minutes accessorizing my face and body. This means base powder, blush, eyebrows and mascara; watch (who's battery died today!), earrings and wedding ring. I can put my makeup on lickety split.

I spend 2 minutes on my hair. Pick it out, smack some gel into it, and blow dry and scrunch it a bit. Done. Ponytail holder on the wrist for later? Check.

Approx 2 minutes spent throwing on my clothes and making up the bed, then back downstairs to make sure Brooke is done. go through the hair battle with her.

Whew. We are both dressed, looking mostly refreshed, fed, and ready to walk out to the bus.

Get Brooke on the bus, go inside, allow myself a few minutes of peace, before getting the little monkey out of bed and start her routine with her!

Do the math on this mommy's beauty routine: 4 minute shower, 2 minutes makeup, 2 minutes dressing, 2 minutes hair. I throw myself together in 10 minutes.

I know guys who take longer than this!!!!!!

(now if I eliminated checking my email and such first thing in the morning, I could perhaps spend more time doting on myself.... but like THAT is going to happen!).

Hey-- It's Tuesday. Give yourself an extra TWO minutes for YOU. Don't you think you deserve it!?!

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