Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Losing My Virginity

HAAAAA Got you with THAT title didn't I?!

Are you expecting an excerpt from my own personal smutty romance novel here? Try another blog for that ;)
Today I lost my virginty. Obviously not the "real" kind because you know my girls were not an immaculate conception.

I lost my hair virginty. Two weeks shy of my 34th birthday and I finally got highlights in my hair. Until this day my locks had been neither colored nor permed. I was tired of seeing grey hairs here and there, so I went in for the big plunge. Abbe did my highlights and I love them love them love them.
They make me feel perkier. Is that weird? We'll see if I still feel perkier tomorrow. Anyways, my hair is happy.
Here is my before:
And here is my "after"
I'm always told that my girls look so much like me (which is a GIGANTIC compliment to ME because my girls are gorgeous) and now that my hair is a bit lighter, I think we look even more alike. I'll never be as gorgeous as they are, but I am loving the hairdo!
Abbe has told me not to use Suave or Pantene Pro-V shampoo which is what I usually use. Suave when I'm being cheap and Pantene when I'm splurging. So now it's off to get new hair products in the morning. (Good thing it's grocery day anyways).
And do you know what she told me about Pantene??! She said she was at a class once about product/chemicals, etc and at the end the instructor said "no one said anything about the candle I'm burning, what do you think of it?"... they commented it smelled good, etc, and she informed them that it was Pantene! It has that much WAX in it, which just builds up in your hair over time. Yuck. I'll stick with my wax being from Yankee Candle or smeared on my eyebrows for my beauty torture treatments.
Rejoice with me on my new 'do!


All Doll(ed) Up said...

lookin good! welcome to the other side! Glad you feel perky!

Jodi said...

Looking fantastic! I love your highlights. A new do definitely makes a person feel better. I love my new highlights too. I have had them before, but not for many years. My hair had gotten so dark and dull and I just love what a few highlights can do! So happy for you!

wdozier said...

You look great!!! And....ewwwww about Pantene! That's what I use!!! No more...

pohren said...

comtemplating taking the plunge too...
I have done the perm thing in the past, but never color...tired of plucking out the grays too!
Another cheap shampoo, White Rain, takes many, many stains out of clothes. Even lipstick!