Friday, April 30, 2010

Giving Away some of the MAGIC

Pssst. Guess what?

I'm going to Disney World soon!

let me tell you gang, I am sooo ready for it.

Have a few things left to pack. Do they sell sanity over-the-counter? I might need some of that. I've been saying the last week or two that "If I'm not on crack for taking a two year old to WDW, i will be on crack when I return!"

Hannah's been very "two" lately.

While at one of my favorite places, I shall be riding fabulous rides, soaking up the sun, swimming with the girls, eating yummy food (have you ever heard of a dole whip? It's like soft-serve pineapple ice cream!), and doing some Disney-fied shopping. (I've had serious issues since our local Disney Store closed awhile back!.

Now I'd hate for all my blog readers to feel like they are missing out on the magic. You all deserve a chance for some Disney shopping too... I'm going to let you live vicariously through me!

Leave a comment (and while you're at it, become a follower...I don't feel "cool" yet) and tell me who your FAVORITE DISNEY CHARACTER is. Feel free to tell me why too.

I'll be checking comments while on our trip (thanks to my lovely iphone), will randomly select one and will bring back a Disney Souvenir for the winner with their favorite character on it. No you don't get to pick what it is, I do ;) But still! Free Disney stuff. Trust me it's cool.

Have a wonderful weekend!


wdozier said...

GOOFY!!! Just because he's goofy. Hope you're having a great time!!!

kacy said...

Ok so I dont have a fav., but I guess I would say Mickey because he is classic! Hope your having a great time!!

CammieG said...

I'd play if it wasn't for the fact that I'LL BE THERE SATURDAY!!! :) Yippeeeeeee! I hope you are having a blast.

Jennifer Gragg said...

Sleeping Beauty -- because that's Zoe's favorite character! :-)

Jodi said...

Minnie Mouse because that's Olivia's favorite character right now. But, I love anything Disney.
Hope you're having a great time!!

pohren said...

I don't have an all time favorite either, but Caroline LOVES Pluto! I suppose because he is a dog. Katherine is into Minnie. Ella has "moved on" from the princess thing. She likes Hannah Montana now or Selena Gomez.
Hope Brooke's arm is feeling good, and you all are having fun!