Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kindness and Macro Photos

Inspiring title isn't it?

Did you perform a random act of kindness like I challenged you to? I did....though it wasn't as random as I would have liked...but there's always tomorrow! I hope you'll take the time to do a little something special just because for someone you love or a complete stranger!
That being said- onto the rest of the post! Pioneer Woman's photography section had an assignment this week for "macro" photos. That would be photos that are quite close up with incredible detail. Best achieved thru the use of a DSLR and a Macro lens, of which I have neither. My camera has a macro-button on it, and I try to use that on occasion (and did on the tulip picture from a previous post), but I just can't even run with the medium-sized dogs on this one. There are some incredible posts (head over to PW's site to check it out. Amazing photography). Another factor against me is the stinkin Kansas wind. I looked out my office window and saw a monarch on my lilac bush yesterday. Would have loved the chance at that incredible shot, but it was so windy there's no way I would have been able to capture it. I'm so tired of the wind.

Here are some pics I did this week in an attempt to achieve a good macro. Not much luck...but it was fun trying! Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I love these pics!! My favorite is still the soap!