Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

One of my favorite quotes is "your life might be the only Bible some people may ever read..." And while this quote doesn't always help me to curb my temper or think nice thoughts, I do try really hard to live a life that would show the love of God to others. I root for the underdog, I find fulfillment in doing things for others, I'm happy knowing that I made someone else happy. Matt says I am a people pleaser. People also say that I "tell it like it is" and I'm not sure people pleasing and "telling it like it is" really goes well together, but somehow I try to balance that in my little soul / personality.

When was the last time you performed a random act of kindness? Whether big or small, is this something you make a point of doing?

Random Acts of Kindness make my world go 'round. (well so do friends, but that's been discussed before I think). When I'm having a particularly crappy day, I make myself feel better by doing some small little thing for someone. I love it. I remember times I'd sit there in college in tears having a horrible day....and I'd go buy some little thing for a friend and surprise them with it. Immediately I felt better. Life's not so bad when you're doing something nice for someone else!

To help you do something nice today, I'm going to give you some ideas for some creative and simple kindness. Not that you couldn't think of this on your own, but sometimes we forget how little things can mean something big to others. Here's a short list:

1. stop by the convenience store on your way to work/school and pick up a bag or two of fun size candy bars. leave them on a bunch of people's desk, or in their mailboxes in the school office, etc.
2. drop a note in the mail to someone you are out of touch with. Tell them what you miss about them or reminisce a favorite memory. It's always fun to include an "old school" picture too.
3. Pick up your kids' room for them. This R.a.o.K might go unappreciated, but deep down you know they'd rather sleep in a clean room than a disasterous one, and one that got cleaned without them being yelled at to do it!
4. whip up a batch of your hubby's favorite cookies, without being asked to do so! (this happens so often in our house it might not be percieved as random. but if it doesn't happen in your house too often, it will be a happy surprise!).
5. When you are zipping through a drive thru, pay for the car behind you too.
6. On a nice warm afternoon, stop by Sonic (or somewhere) and pick up a refreshing Cherry Limeade for yourself and a friend. Just drop it off at their house/office. Going on a playdate? Pick up a drink for you and your girlfriend.
7. Lots of times you can get donut coupons for "buy a dozen, get a dozen glazed free".... do that, swap some glazed out with some of the variety so both boxes are the same, and drop one of the boxes off at a friends house on the way home. No household really needs 2 dozen donuts! This is a great Saturday morning surprise.
8. Surprise your kid by intentionally stopping what you are doing, putting the cell and computer down, and sitting down and getting silly with them or playing a game with them out of the blue. It will fill their love tank quite well!
9. To keep with modern times, log onto facebook and make a point of writing some sweet notes on some of your friends' walls that you haven't talked to for awhile. Or even someone you talk to all the time. We all could use a few extra words of affirmation and love every now and then. If you're reading this blog you obviously have access to a computer, so this kindness in particular would cost you no money!
10. Bring me a diet dr pepper. stat. lol
11. Got some extra cash? Can you skip a weekend of eating out? Take some of that extra money and give it to someone / someplace that needs it.

So what are you going to do today?! Make a point of performing a Random Act of Kindness, big or small....and report back to me in your comments. I'd love to hear what you do! I challenge you to.... DO TWO!!!! :) Make today a great day...

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