Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daddys and Daughters

I love it when Matt is silly with his girls. When he breaks down and does something "girlie" for them.

Like this:

He hates clipping Hannah's nails. Tonight I got Brooke in the shower, and then told Hannah, "Go have Daddy do your nails for you!". He was thrilled.

But he did it because Hannah stuck her chubby little toes out and said "paint daddy!" How can you turn down chubby little toes?

He was super thrilled that I got the camera out. I told him that all my blog readers would find it sweet, wonderful, endearing, special that he would do that. (Leave a comment and reaffirm my statement here) It's not like he was painting his own toes! He's a good daddy of little girls. He loves them to pieces.
And they love him to pieces.

There's nothing like little girls and their daddys, is there?


Jodi said...

I totally agree. There is nothing more attractive than a loving daddy of little girls. And watching them do something girly with them only reaffirms that they are an extra special kind of man. Watching Ryan with Olivia just warms my heart every time. Love it!

Rachael said...

My husband has done this a time or two as well. So sweet. He even lets them put barrettes in his hair ;)

pohren said...

So sweet! Tell him my dad was a closet nail painter too! He did a darn good job! He said it reminded him of his model car days when he was a kid. Hope you all are having fun in WDW!