Thursday, March 1, 2012

Disney Fever

Well, I missed 'That's So Pinteresting" Wednesday. I don't even remember what I did yesterday! Yesterday was Wednesday, right?
I can tell you one thing I did....I worked on some Disney trip details. That's right, folks, we are hitting the World of the Mouse again this spring, and we are just as excited as usual!! This is my seventh trip to Disney World and I never get any less excited.
This time, the hubs and I and the two girls will be on our own the first four nights. We're staying one night at the Beach Club at Disney so Hannah can get some 'beach' time. (okay, so we can all get some 'beach' time). That resort actually has a sand-bottom pool and beach area to play in. So our first day there, that's all we're doing!
After that we'll move over to our home resort, Bay Lake Tower. It's next door neighbor is Cinderella's castle. Can't beat that! We'll spend three days hitting the parks as our little foursome! This will be the first time we've done that and it will definately make for a whole new experience. After we've taken the parks by storm and had some time on our own, my mom and step dad will be joining us for the last three nights. We get the honor of showing them what all the Disney Fever is all about! Brad has NEVER BEEN. (GASP!). Mom has been there but not since Animal Kingdom opened. We have so much to do and show them in our three days with them there! Exciting! We've gotten the opportunity to do Disney with the hubster's parents a few times, my dad and his wife aren't all that interested, we'll share this time with Mom and Brad, then hopefully, someday, my little brother and his family!
Even though we're self proclaimed expert Disney travellers (though, really I am, because I've done the Disney travel agent college of Knowledge), I always get into research mode before we go. Checking ride closures, looking for new trips and tricks and information, reading the experience of other people, etc. I tend to be doing this all year round when keeping up to date for my travel clients, but I really get a little crazy about it when I'm planning our trip. It passes the time.
For the next several weeks, I'm going to do "Disney Fever" posts on Thursday. These posts might tell you some of our favorite things about Disney, some travel tips, some warm fuzzy stories. I hope you put on some Mickey Ears, slather on some sunscreen, and dive into the Disney Fever moments with me.
For today, I'm going to share with you some little tips that I've discovered in my research this time around that I didn't know before!
1. Disney has height requirements on many of their attractions (knew that). One of the milestone measurements to get to is 40" tall. (knew that). Hannah is 39.5" tall. However, in reading up on the height restrictions, measuring sticks, etc, I learned that you are TALLER IN THE MORNING. Did you know that?! You are taller because you have not been up all day having gravity pull you down. No joke. I measured Hannah last night with her shoes on. 39.5 inches. Measured her this morning, and she was about 39.9". Not kidding. Moral of this story? We're going to hit Splash Mountain and Soarin (two of our favorite rides that have a 40" restriction) first thing in the morning!
2. I learned this week that there is a Rapunzel Meet and Greet area at Magic Kingdom. That's new since we were there last and I hadn't stumbled across it in my previous reading of various Disney articles. This could be a problem because I hear that the lines are pretty much always long to meet Rapunzel, but she is one of the few we have not met yet!
3. I learned that the first phase of the new Fantasyland should be open by the time we get there. Score.
4. I learned that the new Disney Fantasy was being christened in New York. I had no idea it wasn't being Christened in Port Canaveral. But alas, 'tis in the big Apple matey. It will, however, make its home port down in Florida. And I hope to have my booty on that ship by 2014.
5. If you look at the ring on the right hand of the Walt and Mickey statue at Magic Kingdom, there's a hidden Mickey on the ring.
We haven't told our girls about this trip yet. So shhhhh! don't say anything to them (or to anyone they know so they don't slip). We are still trying to figure out the best way to do the 'reveal'. Any suggestions?
Looking forward to sharing some Disney Fever with you the next several weeks. Maybe you'll understand a bit of my craziness :)

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