Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That's So Pinteresting Wednesday

I have been much less busy the last week than in the month previous, but yet still didn't get over here to blog since Thursday! Sorry about that!
time to link up with the Vintage Apple for That's So Pinteresting Wednesday. Since I got a new laptop, I've actually gotten to do some pinning! Here's some of my favorites this week:
Princess Punch. The pin.
Salted Caramel Frosting. Making it this week. The Pin.
Sweet Ginger Scallion Noodles. Made them on Tuesday. Almost like my favorite restaurant in the world O'hanas at Disney. Except that I think I would use double the sauce on a package and a half of noodles. The pin.
Fairies in a jar. My kids would love this. Not sure it will work, but we may well give it a try one of these nights! The Pin.
Adorable picture. The pin.
And not on pinterest, but my girl was looking gorgeous for pictures this week. After we washed her hair and let it dry just a bit I put it up in about 6 tight little buns for her to sleep in (which she said was NOT comfortable). It came out so curly and pretty the next morning. I told her sometimes there is a price to pay for beauty.
Head over to the Vintage Apple for the pinteresting linky party and see what other people found nifty this week. And come back tomorrow for Disney Fever Thursday! Have a great day!

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