Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh So Pinteresting Wednesday

It's Spring Break here and while it was GORGEOUS LAST WEEK it has done nothing but rain here since Sunday evening.

You know it's rained a lot when your 12-pound dog squishes when he walks across the yard.

I have plenty of things to do (ie, messy house) and ZERO motivation to do it. Is that normal for Spring Break/rainy weather? We'll say it is.

Anyways, time for Oh So Pinteresting Wednesday. Just a few....

Love this hairdo. Tried it on Brooke. Epic fail. Hair stylist I am NOT.

Source. Pin.

A guide to fruit/veggie storage. Interesting. Helpful.

Source. Pin.

Apparently I need to get to an IKEA. I'd love to redo the playroom and include this as part of the design.

Source. Pin.

This is cute, but I'm betting I'll NEVER get it made.

Source. Pin.

What have you pinned this week?!

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