Saturday, March 31, 2012

Botanica Outing

This morning the hubster and the grandpa both worked overtime (blech, but grateful for the moola), so grandma treated the girls and I to an outing at Botanica. (Thanks MIL!).

I'm not usually real big on Botanica, or on Tulips....but I think today's outing changed me.

You cannot deny the beauty of these things when they are so abundant!

Stopping to smell the flowers.

Apparently, Hannah uses her entire head to smell the flowers.

Of course, knowing the gorgeousness of Botanica this time of year and the perfection that was the weather this morning, we took the opportunity to dress the girls up in matching outfits and do pictures too. Grandma made the outfits. Hannah deemed hers 'weird' (such a diva), but Brooke and I thought they looked pretty good!

Heaven forbid Hannah break out into a big smile for me.

(These pictures are all out of order by the way, but I'm not going to mess with fixing them)!
It was Tulips and Fairies day, so in the kids' area the girls could make Fairy headbands and wands.
Hannah took the coloring of her butterfly VERY seriously.

I love this shot.
The girls loved this fountain!
These bright orange ones were my favorites.

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