Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Girls morning out

This morning, Hannah and I went out to celebrate my BFF's twin girls' birthday. They are about five weeks younger than Hannah. We sent the big kids off to school, and then it was mommies and little girls out for some Birthday fun.

We went to build a bear and Debbi treated the girls each to a bear. She is so sweet!

Here is Hannah making sure hers is squeezably soft!

And here Ragan or Rylee :) filling their bear up. She has one wear purple and one wear pink usually, but I can never remember which one wears which color :)

And here the girls are with their finished product! Hannah decided hers was a boy and named him Cutie-Pie. Being the bargain shopper she is, she found a shirt that had a hat included with it.

After Build-a-Bear fun (which every kid must do at some point. Sweet, albeit expensive, thing to do!), we went to Old Navy so everyone could get some new flip flops. You can't beat Old Navy $2.50 flip flops!

Then we stopped in at Noodles and Co for some lunch. They have great mac and cheese for the kids... unless you are of course Hannah who only eats the cheap Kraft stuff. And if you are the mom of Hannah, you will be running back home between the mall and preschool to get her to eat some nuggets or something because that fancy mac-and-cheese just didn't cut it for her. :)

Fun morning out. Never can get enough time with these girls!

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