Thursday, March 29, 2012

Disney Fever Thursday

One of the things about a Disney trip is the character interaction. There's nothing quite like the experience of your child meeting their favorite character.

I would say, hands down, that the character experiences on the Disney Cruise are far better than the ones at the park. Simply because, the time and locations are clearly printed in the Navigator (daily schedule) that you receive each night.... it's a beautiful, air conditioned environment (unless you're up on the pool deck or upper deck meeting someone!). Often, several are gathered at one time.

Last year, there was a Princess gathering in the atrium of the ship at 930a.m. We went down to get in line around 9a.m....among the first in line. Then at 930, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Bell, Ariel, and Princess Minnie all came down the grand staircase, and we took our turn with each one. (It was like a receiving line at a wedding!).

We were first in line for a Mickey and friends gathering as well. Take the time to watch this video, it really is so sweet. And the characters are so fun. You'll see Minnie dancing around, Chip hanging on the bannister, and Dale off playing the grand piano. Notice too Chip's interaction with Hannah at the end. It is so precious. This was one of my favorite moments on the entire cruise. Magical!!!!

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