Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sugar Free Baked Oatmeal

Today, I made the first baked-good I have EVER made that doesn't have sugar.

At least from what I can recall.

Now, you know I don't have anything against sugar. I'm actually a big fan. I am a cakechic after all.

But I saw this recipe on Pinterest for individual baked oatmeals, and thought 'hmm. that might be a good breakfast item for my terrible breakfast eaters." I happened to have everything on hand, so decided to give them a whirl today.

Here is the family review on them:
Hannah loved them. (i did put choc chips in them).
Brooke thought they were okay but a little weird.
Matt agreed with Brooke.
I thought that you really had to convince your brain that these are NOT a muffin and therefore are not quite the texture as a muffin and if you convince your brain that they are baked oatmeal, they are pretty good.

I would definately rather eat one of these than a bowl of oatmeal any day of the year.

Are they yummier than a granola bar...no. Are they healthier than a granola bar...yes!!

If you follow the link to the recipe, I'll tell you what I did different. I don't have Stevia so I used a little over a 1/2 cup of honey. And I don't have flax seeds or flax seed meal, so I just left that out.

And I baked them a little extra...just try to get past that oatmeal texture a little bit! Otherwise, I followed the recipe as I found it.

Did I mention they are SUGAR FREE.

Give it a try! What have you made from Pinterest lately that you thought was good?!?!

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