Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break Road Trip to Iowa, post #1

We are on Spring Break this week, and kicked it off with a trip to Iowa to visit some of my family. I had a new niece that was born at the end of January I still needed to meet, so we were excited to get up there and hang with everyone for awhile! We drove up on Saturday morning. It's a little over a five hour drive, and we always break for lunch in Kansas City.

Neither of my children slept more than about 30 minutes the entire drive up there, if even that. That's just wrong, I tell ya. Even the DVD player did not provide quite the distraction I usually get out of them. Apparently they had ants in their pants and their chatterboxes turned up to max capacity.

Anyways, we spent Saturday night at my mom and step dads house. My brother and his family (including the aforementioned new niece), came down for dinner. The girls were so excited to meet the new baby, especially Brooke.

Hannah was more interested in playing with her cousin Brayton. This picture is a hot item, because it's a rare moment where he is parked in one spot :) This kiddo is a tornado.

So while the little ones were tearing it up, literally, Brooke was soaking up the baby time! She loved Kennady!

And I did too! here she is, being held by her favorite aunt Angie, and smiling away. It was wonderful. I could have snuggled that baby up all day!

We went out in the backyard to mess around while papa Brad was grilling burgers. The kids were fascinated by this old windmill decoration they had. It's one that was in my parent's yard I guess when we were younger. Ryan identified it by the bb gun dents in it. haha.

Sometime during outside play, Hannah hurt her finger or something. She was crying for me and me only, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to pass the baby off to Matt. He usually just prefers holding his own babies... he likes them to get bigger before he olds babies that belong to other people. Fortunately, he did just fine with his niece, and I got some pictures before he gave her back. :) Good timing, Hannah!

Hannah quickly recovered from her booboo because uncle Ryan, Brayton, and Brooke were being silly with her. Jumping out from behind a tree in some peek-a-boo sorta fashion. She was cracking up.

After dinner I finally got all four of the kids in a picture together.

Ryan, Megan and the kids left around 7 and we hung out for awhile. Hannah was "tiword" so she and matt went to crash in the spare bedroom, and Brooke and I camped out in the living room and watched Shrek II for awhile. I spend a lot of our trips to Iowa playing musical beds because I just can't get comfortable anywhere.

This trip was pretty laid back and fun, and not as multi-post worthy as, say, our Disney vacation posts from last May.... but I'm still tired and am going to have to cut this short. I'll post about our Sunday part of the trip soon!

Have a great day!

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